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The ultimate decoding 2007 New Year version is a versatile, highly integrated decoding package, with three kinds of popular players (mpc/kmp/bsp) and WMP to provide good support, in simple, complex, English 3 language platform to achieve a variety of popular video audio perfect playback and coding functions. The recommended installation environment is Windows XP, DirectX 9.0C, Windows Media Player 9/10, IE6, windows9x is not supported, and if you want to use it under Vista, turn off the Vista UAC feature before you install it. If used with RealPlayer, please do not choose real decoder when installing, quicktime similar. Before installation, please uninstall the decoder package and player similar to the software function, and recommend installing a predetermined decoder combination to ensure better compatibility.

SDXY production of The ultimate decoding again updated, mainly updated content:
1. Add Special activation tool, can automatically activate CoreAVC1.2 and Moonlight decoder;
2. Update the MPC Blue Internet Chinese version, KMP compact version;
3. Update DivX Decoder & encoder;
4. New additions to Gabest mpeg-1/2 Decoder and gabest MPEG Audio Decoder;
5. Update ffdshow tryouts Rev918 XXL;
6. Optimize the compatibility of CLAVC and CSF decoder;
7. Cancel Sonic Cinemastervideo, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile Codec and ratDVD 0.78.1444.

Official designated download page:
Creator Silu Publishing page:
FileName: FinalCodecs2007.exe

Main content of the update:
1. Add Special activation tool, can automatically activate CoreAVC1.2 and Moonlight decoder;
2. Update the MPC Blue Internet Chinese version, KMP compact version;
3. Update DivX Decoder & encoder;
4. New additions to Gabest mpeg-1/2 Decoder and gabest MPEG Audio Decoder;
5. Update ffdshow tryouts Rev918 XXL;
6. Optimize the compatibility of CLAVC and CSF decoder;
7. Cancel Sonic Cinemastervideo, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile Codec and ratDVD 0.78.1444.

I. End-User License Agreement
1. Except for original tools, the copyright of the components contained in the "Ultimate decoding" is owned by its respective author or owner.
2. You can and can only distribute, copy, and propagate the "ultimate decoding" at will, only if the software is intact and complete.
3. The software follows the principle of "no guarantee", and the author assumes no liability for any damage caused by the use of the software.
4. In addition to the authorized special edition, the software is prohibited from being used for any commercial use involving profit purposes, including sale, rental and sale in the media of any nature.

Second, the ultimate decoding audio and video playback/coding FAQ
1. What are the advantages of the ultimate decoding compared to other codec integration packages?
"Ultimate decoding" compared to other decoding package advantage is the Super support for HDTV (other common audio, video format of course, no problem!). The Decoding Settings Center presets a variety of decoding modes, under normal circumstances, choose the appropriate decoding mode to get good playback effect; Experienced users can adjust themselves in the advanced settings, and can easily switch the separator/decoder through the decoding settings, some special functions such as DTS-CD play, DVD soft fold line, HDTV hardware acceleration, etc. can be simple to achieve, while compatible with coding, with the suppression tool to the common media (avi/mpg/vob/mkv/ogm/... ) to rmvb/wmv/avi/...

2.  How to use some of the special settings of the ultimate decoding settings center?
   A. Hardware acceleration, select the "HA" option on the relevant decoder to perform hardware acceleration. Nvidia's MPEG2 video decoder is more specific by default for hardware acceleration;
   b.coreavc/ffdshow H264 decoder for fast decoding, select "F" option;
   c. " IVTC "and" VPP "options are related to the MPEG2 video's real-time IVTC;
   D." Decode the "Reg" option in the upper right corner of the settings center to enable fast registration of codecs. When the feature is turned on, move the mouse to a codec file (. ax,. ocx, or. dll) that requires registration (regsvr32) or an regsvr32/u (), and the right-click button pops up the quick register and fast anti-registration menus. In fact, in the codec file directly double-click on the equivalent of "fast registration."
   E. " Sound function "option for MPLAYERC and Bsplayer players is to use the ffdshow sound function, KMPlayer is using its built-in sound function, all only turn on the" volume normalization "function to enlarge the volume, other special effects can be played by users in the audio and video playback of their own settings. The "S" option of the
   F. Elecard/moonlight separator ensures that when the HD TS/TP file is played, there is no inter-code problem and the caption is synchronized, and the "A" option of the gabest separator is used to lock the track.
   G. Ulead/moonlight Video Decoder switching, gabest separator, COREAVC decoder, NVIDIA decoder different versions of the switch, can be in the "Decoding Settings Center" through the mouse double-click directly.
   H. The Decoding Settings Center has the ability to perform common decoder settings, restore the player defaults, and decode mode save/load, using the right mouse button.
   I do not enable vobsub subtitles by default, and we recommend that you use the Kmp/bsplayer inline caption feature to play HDTV. If necessary, it can be enabled in the Decoding Settings center, and the "allplayers" option enables Kmp/bsplayer to support vobsub subtitles.

3. How to get the perfect DVD playback effect?
Select "MPG2 decoding n Mode", set "video rendering" as "VMR9 windowing", and select KMP as the main player. If you can play it properly (require graphics support vmr9! Will get the perfect DVD playback effect.

4. How to set the DVD soft fold line function?
The MPC realizes the DVD soft doubling function through ffdshow, can be directly in "Decoding setting center" KMP Player Select item "MPLAYERC" on double click, set to "mplayerc*" can, choose to have the representative soft fold line setting.

5. How to play DTS-CD?
The player uses the KMP or the MPC to be able, the KMP is more convenient; The audio decoder will use the CyberLink MPEG2 Audio decoder (set the decoding scheme to the "mpg2/h264 decoding compatibility Mode"). If you need to 48kHz AC3 SPDIF output, you can try in the "Decoding Settings Center" KMP Player Select the "KMPlayer" on the double-click, set to "kmplayer*" can be, in fact, WMV, MOV file in the 5.1 track of the SPDIF output can also be achieved.

6. How to perform real-time IVTC playback?
DScaler 0.0.60 IVTC 2005.11.4 1080i film real-time Ivtc;nvidia video decoder +VPP, can be some DVD specifications of TP video real-time IVTC (note: Select VPP after the hard decoding will fail, will be soft decoding).

7. How to play DTS Audio hdtv/ts movie?
Directly in the Decoding Settings center select mpg2/h264 decoding compatibility mode, you can also manually choose to use Gabest MPEG2 separator, audio decoder can choose CyberLink, ffdshow, AC3Filter, or open mpc/ KMP the built-in DTS decoder.

8. How to turn on the KMPlayer built-in adjustment filter, such as brightness adjustment?
In order to allow the MPEG2 decoder to open its hardware decoding function, so kmplayer default with "Speed mode", in "Speed mode", KMPlayer video, audio effects will be set invalid. The steps to turn off "speed mode" are as follows:
Start Kmplayer-> Press the ALT key against the KMPlayer while pressing the F key, or start the kmplayer-> to KMPlayer with the right button-> video (advanced)-> speed mode

9. How to solve the compatibility problem of MCE system with TV card?
The Windows system is self-contained with the MPEG2 separator (System), which is important for MCE systems with TV cards. If you do not have a TV card installed, it is recommended that you cancel this option for better compatibility.

10. Do not recommend real decoding components, recommended RealPlayer 10?
Play real media, RealPlayer compatibility and stability is the best; RealPlayer has the ability to view rmvb suppression parameters.

MPEG2 Audio decoder: Cyberlink/windvd?
CyberLink is the PowerDVD Ac3&dts Audio decoder, its good quality, but the support for multiple tracks is not as good as WinDVD. To play multiple track videos, it is suggested that the Mpeg2/avi separator be selected for Gabest or Haali to ensure smooth playback.
WinDVD's Ac3&dts audio decoder, which has good sound quality, cannot decode the DTS track of TS package and is incompatible with Helix Producer Plus 9, and is incompatible with AVS Directshowsource.

Avi Separator: Gabest? System? Haali?
Avisplitter is an AVI separator, by default with system, because stability and compatibility is best; gabest can read and download incomplete AVI files, while Haali supports multiple track switching.

MKV Separator: gabest contrast Haali
Matroska file separator, gabest with the RMVB encoder compatibility, and Haali to the MKV playback excellent support.

OGM Separator: oggsplitter contrast Oggds
Oggds drag and drop faster, gabest oggsplitter compatibility is good.

VobSub 2.33/2.37
A new feature of 2.37 is that subtitles can also be embedded in mkv->rmvb, but there are some bugs, so the default is 2.33; vobsub 2.37 One of the bugs is a caption that cannot be used to press DivX 3. For the ffdshow decoder or the chip source is DivX 5, vobsub 2.37 to be set to be enabled (Alaways load) in order to press the caption into the RMVB.

16. Some AVI stops at a certain schedule when pressed to rmvb
This situation, many are the source has bad frames or download incomplete, you can try to switch to Gabest avisplitter, because the download incomplete or have bad frame of AVI file processing better.
Decoding Settings Center-> AVI Separator-> Enable Gabest

17. Considerations for using TMPGEnc to convert mpg/avi/mkv to MPEG?
A. Disable ffdshow decoding support for audio;
B. Enable WinDVD audio decoder;
C. Set up TMPGEnc:
Run TMPGEnc, click [Option]→[environmental Setting] on the menu bar, go to the "Vfapi plug-in" option, right-click "Direcrshow Multimedia File Reader" and select " Higher priority ", it takes two times to set the priority highest priority to 1.

What is the difference between VP6/7 's DSF and VFW decoding methods?
VP6/7 's VFW decoding method uses the Vp6/7vfw.dll, this way may directly use the vobsub to display the external caption and can realize suppresses to rmvb/wmv, but does not support the Win9x.
And its DSF decoding method uses VP6/7DEC.AX, this way decoding good quality, but the caption can only use VobSub 2.37 or with the help of ffdshow (ffdshow settings: Decoding options/raw video, set to "all supported").

TMPGEnc cannot recognize VOB/MPEG2 files?
The new version of TMPGEnc Plus already supports MPEG2, eliminates the need for an external decoder, and can download the TMPGEnc Plus v2.52 series to http://www.crsky.com/if you can't support it at hand.

20. Cannot use ffdshow built-in function to hang subtitles?
Ffdshow's built-in subtitle function and the use of avisynth items to achieve the caption/watermark is the premise of the chip source video decoding must use Ffdshow, you can do this:
Decoding Settings Center-> enable ffdshow to decode DivX, XviD, or H264.

Third, Components list: (Note: Red italic word components have been updated, compared to v.1.6.1010)
-KMP Compact version
-Bsplayer 1.39.829 Compact version
2.Video Codecs
-Bink Decoder
-CyberLink 264 Decoder Filter (6.x)
-CyberLink DTV video/sp Filter
-CyberLink Video/sp Filter
-COREAVC DirectShow Video Decoder
-DivX Decoder & Encoder
-DScaler 0.0.60 IVTC 2005.12.19
-GV Codec 1.2
-HUFFYUV Lossless Video Codec
-Indeo 3.x-5.x (only XP SP1 and 2003 need to be installed)
-InterVideo Video Decoder
-Moonlight MPEG2 Video Decoder
-Gabest mpeg-1/2 Decoder Filter for DirectShow
-Ulead MPEG Video Decoder
-On2 VP6 Filter DSF/VFW
-On2 VP7 Filter DSF/VFW
-Windows Media Video 9 VCM
-Wmvideo Advanced Decoder DMO
-XVD 1.3.0
-Koepi ' s XviD Codec 1.2
3.Audio Codecs
-AC3 Filter 1.10
-APE 3.99
-CyberLink Audio Decoder
-Coreflac v0.4.0.46
-Corevorbis DirectShow Filter
-InterVideo Audio Decoder
-Moonlight Odio Dekoda
-Gabest Mpeg Audio Decoder for DirectShow
-Lame ACM & DirectShow Encoder 3.97
-AC-3 ACM decompressor 1.31
-MPEG Layer-3 ACM & Decoder
-Ogg Vorbis Audio CODEC for MSACM
-Radlight MPC Decoder V
-True Audio DirectShow Splitter & Decoder
-Voxware Metasound/metavoice Codec
-WavPack Audio DirectShow Splitter & Decoder
4. Ffdshow Tryouts Rev918 XXL
-AAC parser Filter for DirectShow v 1.1.0
-Ac3/dts Filter
-Gabest Avi Splitter
-CyberLink MPEG-2 dempltiplexer
-DSM Splitter & DirectShow Media muxer
-Elecard MPEG demultiplexer
-Gabest FLV Splitter
-Haali Media Splitter 2007.2.1 does not contain OGG separator
-Matroska Splitter v1.0.2.7
-Moonlight-elecard MPEG 2 demultiplexer
-Gabest Mpeg Splitter orbitlee Modified & KMP
-Nerodigital Parser & QuickTime (tm) Decoder
-Nero Splitter Filter
-Ogg DS v0.9.9.5 & COREVORBIS_1B6
-Gabest Ogg Splitter
-Pmp Splitter
-RealMedia Splitter
6.nVidia Codecs 4020.223.0.0 codecs/nvidia video Decoder 4020.188.0.0
7.VobSub 2.33/2.37
8.RealPlayer Core & ActiveX
9.QuickTime Decoder 7.1.3 Core & ActiveX
10.CSF Codec 1.2
-Decoding Settings Center
-File association Tool
-AviSynth 2.5.7 Final
-GraphEdit 9 Build 040927
-Gspot v2.52

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