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The principle of protecting the stomach, intestines, and maintaining the gastrointestinal system is what the gastrointestinal system like, what you give it, what the gastrointestinal system is afraid of, and what you do not want to do.

The gastrointestinal tract is most fond of Chewing slowly. This can reduce its burden, so easy to digest, suitable temperature, delicious food is the most popular gastrointestinal, and those excellent, too hot, too cold, too spicy, too sticky, fried, pickled food should be far away from our mouth.

The gastrointestinal tract prefers regular, quantitative, and regular eating. You can see that all the elders who live a long life never overeat, always eat, go to bed, and have a regular diet. Therefore, regular quantitative measures should start from infants and young children and keep sticking to the old age.

Gastrointestinal prefers a good mood. When everyone is angry, the liver fire will flourish when they are angry. According to the rule of five elements, the liver is wood, the spleen and stomach are soil, and the wood is Clay, when the liver is booming, it will directly inhibit the function of the spleen and stomach and make people have no appetite. Therefore, relaxation is an important aspect to increase appetite and promote digestion and absorption.

The most cold gastrointestinal. Cold things cause gastrointestinal discomfort because the cold will cause gastrointestinal vascular contraction, affecting the food through the gastrointestinal mucosa of the blood.

In addition to the temperature of the food, the so-called "cold" also has the attributes of the food. Therefore, we must try to eat less cold food and more flat and warm food.

Exercise Makes your appetite wide open. Some people may think this is one-sided. Why do some people have a strong appetite after exercise and others don't want to eat after exercise? These people are lack of qi and blood. Because after exercise, qi and blood are mostly distributed to the limbs. If qi and blood are insufficient, the gastrointestinal tract will be relatively ischemic. After blood supply is reduced, the digestive function will decrease, but you don't want to eat. In this case, the first is to reduce the amount of exercise, eat as much fine, soft, and rotten food as possible, and then exercise again when the qi and blood make up, so that the above discomfort will not occur.

Gastrointestinal favorite massage. When you often have symptoms of bloating and indigestion, gently massage the left and right sides of the abdomen, and the uncomfortable symptoms will be mitigated. Therefore, people with poor gastrointestinal digestion must always have abdominal distension. There are nine most important channels in the human body on the stomach. During massage, all 9 channels are taken care of. This is really a healthy recipe.

The best way to nourish the blood is what? Direct Injection of angelica injection from the channels, acupoints, and reflex areas is the fastest way to nourish blood and gas. It can be said that it is immediate, but it should be injected by a professional doctor.

Another way to supplement blood is to eat high-nutrition broth and paste made of black rice, corn, blood glutinous rice, and rice, then add the processed red dates, walnuts, peanuts, lotus seeds, longan, and wolfberry. Therefore, the first person after illness, postpartum women, the old man, the children, and the weak person, drink a variety of ground beef, mutton, pig liver, chicken soup, bone marrow, and so soup soups that make the meat worse, and eat a variety of directly digested and absorbed paste, the treatment of health care and disease is particularly good.

2. What is the best nourishing food?

Simply put, as long as you eat the food that can be digested and absorbed in the stomach, it is the blood, so the premise of blood is the ability to digest and absorb the gastrointestinal tract, even if you eat a rough tea, as long as all absorption, the blood, however, it is useless to eat high-level Supplements without digestion in the stomach and intestines.

Relatively speaking, high-quality animal proteins such as meat, eggs, and fish can significantly improve the blood quality and make people more resistant and energetic.

3. Can't cold food be eaten?

Not all cold and cold foods will have a negative impact on the body when they enter the stomach. As long as they match with people's physique and eating season, they can play a neutral and balanced role. For example, in the summer, the human body is sweating a lot, while eating a certain amount of cold watermelon, it can not only hot, but also supplement the body due to sweating and loss of water, sugar, at this time, the watermelon can play a coordination and blood effect for the body, and when it is cold, it is easy to cause blood loss.

Cold and Hot food should be eaten together. For example, when eating a crab with big cold, it must be accompanied by warm ginger to neutralize the cold of the crab with ginger, this will not cause any harm to the body, but also facilitate the digestion and absorption of crab meat.

4. Is black food a kidney food?

We often see such publicity-black foods, kidney supplements, blood, such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black fungus, kelp, seaweed, black bone chicken, etc. In fact, it is not all about it. Warm is complementary, cold is diarrhea. Black Rice, black bone chicken sexual temperature, blood and kidney effect is obvious; black sesame, sexual flat, kidney, nourishing liver, moistening intestines, hair; black beans, sexual flat, kidney, blood circulation, detoxification; black fungus is cold, kelp and seaweed are cold and can be eaten frequently in summer. Do not eat them in winter. Any food supplements or does not make up, you must look at the attributes of this food, sexual flat, warm food, all year round has a beneficial effect on the body, sexual cooling, cold food, in addition to summer, try not to eat it in other seasons. If you have to eat it, you should also combine it with warm ginger, chilies, pepper, and pepper, so that you can take into the unique Nutrients of these foods, and will not hurt the kidney, hurt the stomach.

In the daily diet, the family's blood supplements include many blood supplements. If you are interested, you can follow the methods described below or change the patterns, make your family more fond of eating.

Red dates, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, and medlar are the foods that people often eat to supplement blood and kidney, and they are paired with each other to become a good blood and food therapy party.

Red dates are the most commonly used food for blood supplement. They can be eaten raw, baked, boiled, and soaked.

Red dates can also be sauteed in the iron pan and soaked in water to drink, can treat stomach cold, stomachache, and then put in the longan, is the blood, make up the gas of the tea, it is particularly suitable for teachers, salesclerks, and other people who frequently use the scorpion. If 4 ~ 6 medlar, can also treat constipation, but people with rare stools do not add medlar. Female friends who often drink red dates, longan, and medaka tea have fair skin and good cosmetic effects. Do not place too many wolfberry, just a few pills, and the red dates and longan will also be 6 ~ You can just give yourself a cup of water every morning after work. It not only makes up blood, but also makes clear your eyes. It is especially suitable for people who are waiting to work in front of their computers.

It is useless to stir-fry hard and dark red dates in the iron pan to make tea, because the outer bag is wrapped in the jujube, And the nutrients are frozen. The fried red dates are soaked in water, the epidermis is split, and the nutrients in it will gradually leak out.
Red dates, red beans, and glutinous rice are porridge together. Red beans are not easy to boil. You can cook red beans first, and then boil them together with glutinous rice and red dates.

Cut up 10 red dates and remove 10 white fruits from the shell. Each child can only eat 5 pills, and boil for 15 ~ 20 minutes, eat before going to bed every night, can blood and solid kidney, cough and asthma, treatment of frequent urination, cure night urine more, the effect is very good, from the fall of the fruit market, has been to eat the spring of the next year, is a special effect for the elderly, children to kidney, cough and asthma.

Cut up 10 red dates, extract 10 wolfberry seeds, boil water and drink, supplement blood and kidney, specializes in treating waist and knee soft, eat for many years, has the effect of skin to remove spots.

Cut 10 red dates, 3 slices of ginger, boil water, and drink.

In addition, the trotters and soy beans are rotten to eat, and the turtle and medlar, red dates, ginger are rotten to eat; beef liver, goat liver, pork liver cooking, Stew, or porridge with rice; beef bone marrow, pork bone marrow and jujube stew; beef tendon, pork tendon and peanut, ginger stew rotten to eat, these are good blood food.

When making these foods, you should be aware that the ingredients should be fresh and the stew should be rotten so as to facilitate digestion and absorption. This requires patience and long-term persistence of the person in the palm of the house. The health of a family can be guaranteed only after three meals a day.

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