Health care pay attention to 5 Key Points of summer health care and disease prevention

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The summer is the hottest time of the year, with more and more thunderstorms, high temperatures and high humidity. This weather can easily lead to plant nerve dysfunction, fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitations, insomnia, sweating, multi-dream, and other neurological symptoms. Therefore, summer health care and disease prevention are very important. Pay attention to the following five key points:
1. Pay attention to yangyang
There is a cloud in the theme: "spring and summer yangyang, autumn and winter Yangyin, from its roots, so it is opposite to the growth of all things, then cut the cost, and it is really bad." It means that the temperature in the spring and summer is rising in nature. When the Yang is getting stronger, you should pay attention to yangyang during the spring and summer seasons to supplement the vitality.
In addition, in the Midsummer season, the human body's Yang will gradually decline after reaching the strong vertex. If you do not pay attention to conservation, it will be due to the lack of Yang in the autumn and winter.
The most important thing about yangyang in summer is not to cool, especially to control the indoor and outdoor temperature differences. Do not adjust the air conditioner too low. The indoor temperature should be around 27 ℃.
2. control emotions
In summer, the weather is hot, people's mood is prone to fluctuations, irritability and anger. Experts warned that anger not only hurts the liver, but also increases blood pressure, increases the burden on the heart, resulting in myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke and other diseases.
Therefore, you must control your mood in summer to maintain a peaceful and stable summer.
3. Ensure sleep
In summer, sleep duration and sleep quality are severely affected due to the short night duration and high temperature. The direct consequence is that the body's immunity is impaired and the risk of various diseases is increased. In the long run, it will also lead to mental tension and then lead to mental and psychological diseases such as neurasthenia.
Therefore, ensuring sleep in summer is an important prerequisite for health. The daily sleep time of adults cannot be less than 7 hours. It is best to have a nap or rest time of about half an hour at noon.
4. reasonable diet
In hot and humid summer, many people suffer from symptoms such as loss of appetite and gastrointestinal discomfort due to the weather, which is very sloppy in their diet and is not conducive to their health. In view of this phenomenon, experts suggest that the summer diet should be dominated by foods such as green bean porridge, red bean porridge, winter melon and white radish.
In addition, the Summer Diet cannot blindly require the summer heat and dampness, but also take into account the comprehensive and balanced nutrition, be sure not to eat too full, not picky food, not partial food.
5. Proper fitness
Summer fitness is also very beneficial to your health. It not only strengthens your health and enhances your resistance, but also helps to eliminate toxins and metal expansion joints when you sweat properly during exercise.
Of course, exercise in Summer cannot be too intense or in the strong sunlight. exercise must pay attention to water supplementation to make up for the loss of sweat and prevent the increase of blood viscosity. Suitable summer sports include walking, jogging, and swimming.


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