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According to the introduction, 2012 province Court Christmas collection bankruptcy case 143 pieces, concluded 89 pieces, more than 20 enterprises by bankruptcy reorganization, asset restructuring and the Resurrection, a group of enterprises should be eliminated from the market.

On the other hand, according to the current regulations, the bankrupt enterprises all liquidation of the bank can write off the bad assets, may take longer, high-tech photographic metal photographs, resulting in the bank debt perception rarely take the initiative to bring enterprise bankruptcy application.

It is worth mentioning that, because of bankruptcy liquidation, metal photographs, there are 7.3 billion of yuan financial non-performing assets to speed up the cancellation progress.

Compared to paper photos, metal photos clearer, more gorgeous, highlighting high-end luxury, Shangqiu hi-tech innovation and Technology Development research, its metal texture is very strong, washable, corrosion-resistant, strong light exposure, can be used any cleaning items scrub, never discoloration, can be permanently saved. Can also be based on individual needs to produce a night-time luminous effect of the metal wedding photos, without any power, at night can be emitted from a variety of color soft light, very warm. The excellent product quality makes the metal photograph's popularity rise rapidly, becomes the popular market the whole new product.

Metal photos by thermal transfer technology made of metal photo color gorgeous, list network love Apartment 4, high-definition, resolution up to 300dpi, and according to different metal plate coating, can be made different special effects, such as wire drawing, pearlescent and Anilox, Shangqiu high-invasive Imaging Technology Co., Ltd., Shangqiu High-tech Image Technology Co., Ltd. , the color is gold, silver and white and so on. Fresh and transparent, Shangqiu metal photos, the perfect product, Jinsheng couple show metal photos, Shangqiu metal photos, called the industry another pioneering.
NPC representative proposes to play bankruptcy system to promote economic transformation and upgrading role

First, the public is not aware of the function of the bankruptcy system, some do not understand bankruptcy is also a self-liquidation and protection of business owners choose "Run", and some party leaders even think that enterprise bankruptcy equals "political performance bankruptcy", affecting the local image.

Zeech suggested that Zhejiang can implement any court review that complies with the conditions of the bankruptcy case, upon filing can be given to write off the bank's non-performing assets, Shangqiu high-tech research on the development of Metro Science and Technology, which does not affect the bank in the follow-up cases to enjoy the share of property settlement.

In addition, there are some specific problems in the handling of the problems such as the confusion between the property and the shareholder's personal property and the criminal and civil intersection in the bankruptcy procedure.

Zeech, at present, some enterprises in Zhejiang province difficulties and overcapacity problems remain outstanding, metal photos, Jinsheng edge, including photovoltaic, shipbuilding and other industries are facing the dilemma of the bottomless pit shuffle.

"We can through the bankruptcy reorganization of enterprises, asset restructuring, debt-to-equity and other judicial means, to provide a legal aid to have the potential of the order of difficult enterprises to revive the dead, but also through the bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises, such as judicial means, eliminate high pollution and energy-efficient backward capacity, timely exit the market." "Zeech conquered.

At the same time, actively explore the summary of bankruptcy cases, out of a market-oriented rule of law of the normal enterprise bankruptcy, give full play to the bankruptcy system to promote economic transformation and upgrading of the positive role. Finish

Although in the process of dealing with the above cases, Zhejiang did not take part in the whole year because of bankruptcy trial caused by the group confrontation incident, and make thousands of bankrupt enterprises employees of the main melody benefit has been the basic protection. However, Zeech that there are still some ideas and institutional obstacles and problems in the implementation of the bankruptcy system, and Jinsheng the profit point, it is urgent to attract attention.

BEIJING, March 11 (reporter Jiang) 2012 Zhejiang Court newly received bankruptcy cases 143 pieces, metal photos, more than 20 enterprises by bankruptcy reorganization of the dead. NPC representative, senior People's Court of Zhejiang Province, President Zeech said here, Zhang Banseng metal photos, Shangqiu high-tech innovation and technology Development research, the current social public on the function of the bankruptcy system, the local party leaders even think that bankruptcy affects the local image.

Hi-Tech image metal photos 58 the same city

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