Hide, fix, low lattice repair hard drive damage

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The first trick: Fix

This is the preferred wise way, if the bad way is not too much and not too serious, in the conventional methods (such as Scandisk, NDD, etc.) can not be used to try the HDD regenerator Shell (HDD). HDD is a powerful HDD repair tool that can actually repair physical damage on the hard disk surface. Download Http:www.onlinedown.net. After installation, run the program, execute Regeneration→create Dikette, the program will help you create a boot disk with HDD, use this disk to start the computer after the HDD will automatically run. Select the destination disk return (if there are more than one hard drive), HDD will start scanning the hard drive, when the HDD scan to the bad track will be shown in the progress bar Red "B" characters, and then automatically repair, repaired the bad road in blue "R" said. Under normal circumstances, the hard drive can be used normally after repair.

 The second trick: Hide

This should be said to be quite a good way, but if you can use the first strokes to repair the perfect. If the hard drive bad road is not much but more serious, in the case of ineffective repair can be hidden, to prevent the expansion of the bad road. Such tools are more, such as the famous pqmagic, Disk Genius and so on, but their operation is more troublesome, here is recommended to use a dedicated bad disk partition device--fbdisk (Fixed poor disk). The Fbdisk is small in size only 32KB. It can automatically scan the hard disk surface, the good track is set to the available partitions and the bad track is located in the space as a hidden partition, the entire process is fully automated, very convenient. The Fbdisk only works on the physical 1th disk, so the hard drive to be checked will be set as the primary disk when used. Running Fbdisk in pure DOS, the program scans all sectors of the hard drive and provides physical parameters and actual capacity of the hard disk. When the scan to the bad track, Fbdisk will ask Write to disk (YN), press "Y" after the program will repartition and automatically hide the bad road space, the whole process without human intervention. The most commendable is that Fbdisk will sacrifice the least hard disk space to hide the bad road in the sector, saving us valuable hard disk space.

  The third recruit: low lattice

If the hard drive is more bad and cannot be repaired, consider the low grid. Tools can be used with Maxtor Lformat. Although the low lattice on the hard drive has some damage, but it can solve most of the hard drive bad road problems, so that your hard drive back to the dead. Copy the Lformat to the boot disk, use this disk to boot to DOS, enter the Lformat after running the program, in the next appearance of the interface Press "Y" Start, the program will require you to choose to lower the hard disk, because the Lformat support more than one hard drive, at this time to be extra careful to prevent misoperation. Select the hard drive to return to, after a period of time, you can complete. Run Scandisk/all after reboot, is the bad way gone?

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