High cost performance 6 128G Solid state hard Drive recommended

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recent SSDs prices have dropped a lot, while the HDD is showing a different trend. Although the bulk SSD price is still a bit high, but has not been able to stop consumers abandon the pace of HDD, through a few years of application, 128GB, 256GB has not enough. The budget of the hands of users will often choose to directly locate a larger 500GB or even 1TBSSD, although the price is high, but the experience is excellent. Today we will bring several 512GB capacity of SSD recommendations, for the average family, enough to use. External expansion is also a popular option for larger storage requirements.

High cost performance 6 128G Solid state hard Drive recommended

The following 6 512GB solid-state hard drive prices are thousands, although not cheap, but in similar products, cost-effective or better.

Samsung 850EVO500GB Solid State Drive

The reason to use SSD is very simple, that is, let the computer run faster and smoother, more smooth operation, of course, the price will also be slightly higher than the ordinary hard drive, the following recommended Samsung 850EVO500GB SSD can let you get rid of HDD become a dream, without the HDD noise, faster. At present, the Samsung 850EVO500GB solid-state hard disk in Jingdong mall price of 1699 yuan, save enough money users can consider.

Samsung 850EVO500GB Solid State Drive

Samsung 850EVO500GB SSD is the 840 series in the same capacity of the replacement model, their appearance and style is basically the same, 850EVO mainly in color made a difference. Its real changes come from within, with its master control and flash upgrades in full. The solid-state drive uses a 2.5-inch standard size of 500GB, with a current of 1.4A and a full load of about 7 watts.

The maximum capacity of the Samsung 850EVO SSD is doubled to 1TB, keeping the minimum 150GB capacity, and the 500GB product introduced today is only medium capacity.

Samsung 850EVO500GB solid-state hard disk using a new 3dv-nand flash, the main control from Mex to MGX, frequency has been significantly improved, product performance can also be comparable to the flagship class products.

Samsung 3dv-nand Flash particles have an obvious advantage over MLC and TLC flashes, not only faster, but also have a lot of life, Samsung is in good faith to provide this product 5 years of quality assurance services, this is unique in the mainstream products.

Editorial Reviews: From the market performance, the current mainstream is the low price of 256GBSSD, and the Samsung 850EVO500GB SSD can be reduced to the next advanced capacity, although the price of 1699 yuan for ordinary consumers is high, but in no way prevent it is a worthy of purchase products.

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