High-quality vector-based barcode generation mechanism WPF Drawing API Barcode Control

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The Barcode Professional for WPF Barcode control is a lightweight. NET assembly that generates high-quality vector-based barcodes for your WPF programs and supports most popular one-and two-dimensional barcodes: Code, Code, gs1-128, GS1 DataBar (RSS-14), EAN & UPC, Postal (USPS, British Royal Mail, Australia Post, DHL, etc), Data Matrix, QR Code, P DF 417, UPS maxicode, Micro QR Code, etc.

Specific features:

. NET Technology

    • Writing with C #
    • Strong-named. NET Framework 3.x naming preparation
    • Can be used in any. NET language, such as C #, vb.net, Managed C + +, etc.
    • High-quality vector-based barcode generation mechanism WPF Drawing API.
    • Can save barcodes as image files as a byte stream object
    • Supports GIF, BMP, PNG, jpeg/jpg & TIFF Barcode image formats
    • Supports monochrome barcode image generation
    • Support for barcode rotation (0, degrees
    • Support for ASP. NET Web Services
    • Support for WPF data-binding
    • Support for WPF XAML Browser application (XBAP)
    • Support for the. NET Framework 64-bit (x64 and Itanium IA64)

Report & Print

    • Support for XML Paper specification (XPS)
    • Supports Crystal Reports for. NET
    • Support for Visual Studio ReportViewer Local Reports (RDLC)
    • Support for full and flexible WPF local printing
    • Support for Rendering on WPF DrawingContext
    • Integration of FixedDocument and FlowDocument classes in the 0WPF Document API

Support for design-time environments

    • Microsoft Visual Studio for WYSIWYG design-time Support
    • Support for Visual Studio Intellisense under source code and XAML browsing

Bar code

    • Barcode image generation and printing support linear/1d & Postal Barcode simbologies
    • Barcode image generation and printing support 5 2D Barcode symbologies
    • Calculate checksum and check digit for all symbols
    • Automatically confirm coded values
    • Metric units for bar code inheritance (inch, millimeter, centimeter, and mils)

Project Solution Support

    • WPF Application (supports design-time and runtime)
    • WPF Browser Application XBAP (Support design-time and runtime)
    • Console Application (Support runtime)
    • Class Library (Support runtime)
    • Windows Service (run-time supported)
    • ASP. NET Web Services (Runtime supported)
    • ASP. NET Web Site (Runtime supported)

Installation and Configuration

    • Easy installation
    • Simple Xcopy Configuration
    • Distribute free

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