Hisense East Lin joins hands with Siemens government department to express support

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February 24, Chinese enterprises Hisense and Donglin in Beijing announced: no longer believe in negotiations with Siemens, decided to go to Germany to take the lawsuit to retake the registered trademark. On the same day, civil society organizations in China's intellectual property sector, as well as the Ministry of Commerce, the Supreme Court, the Intellectual Property Office, and other government departments in the "China Trademark overseas Rights Seminar" for Hisense East Forest Travel Germany advice.

24th, some members of the Hisense Legal group appeared in public. It is understood that the Law Group consists of 4 lawyers in the Chinese region and 5 local lawyers in Germany. Among them, the Coordinator by the Deputy Tong Ren Tong trademark in Japan was registered, TCL trademark in Thailand was registered in the intellectual property industry, senior lawyer Xu Guojian as. April 14, the Law Group will go to Germany to deal with Siemens v. Hisense Trademark infringement cases. Last June, Siemens and Hisense discussed the transfer price of trademarks, and on the basis of tort, the German court of Cologne.

Hisense Law Group said that will be registered from Siemens Hisense is malicious, and Hisense is well-known trademarks in China, Hisense use of the first two aspects for Chinese enterprises to recover justice. The lawsuit, Hisense will have 7成半 win rate, but the whole lawsuit will take at least 1.5 time.

Despite the full preparation of Hisense, Siemens is not a weakness. It is reported that it has formed a 8-person Law Group, and 4 of them are the world's top lawyers in the field of intellectual property. In addition, the lawsuit was conducted locally in Germany, and the application of local laws was also a favorable factor for Siemens.

Meanwhile, another Chinese trademark was introduced by Jia Qiang, the chairman of the East Forestry electronics, which Siemens has registered, and will be suing Siemens in Germany in March.

The private associations have railed against Siemens for its malicious practices. Ministry of Commerce and other government departments in support of Chinese enterprises, including the national Trade and Industry Bureau of Trademark Law Office of the Director Ningang that Siemens's behavior is unwise, will ultimately damage its own interests. If Siemens insists, he says, its reputation in China will be greatly damaged.

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