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    • The themes
    • Interface skin
    • Options dialog (option window)
    • Add-ons Management)
    • Bookmarks Management)
    • Download Manager)
    • Password Management)

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Mozilla released Firefox version 1.0 to relative obscurity in November of 2004, and four short years later, the much-anticipated firefox 3.0 will hit the streets with ambitions of setting a new world record tomorrow. in honor of tomorrow's 3.0 release, let's take a look back at a visual history of Firefox, version 1.0 to 3.0.
Recall that four years ago, Mozilla quietly released Firefox November in 1.0, and four years later, the much-anticipated firefox 3.0 will be officially released tomorrow with the ambition to create a new world record. Let's take a look at the history of Firefox from 3.0 to 1.0 with the help of Firefox's 3.0 release tomorrow.

The themes

The most significant change you'll notice in Firefox 3 off the bat is the new themes. mozilla has skinned Firefox 3 to integrate with your operating system of choice. firefox 3.0 in Vista now fits more into the aesthetic of Vista, Firefox in OS x likewise fits more with the look and feel of native OS X apps, and so on. here's a quick look back at the changes from the Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 chrome.
Interface skin

The first change you may notice in Firefox 3.0 is the new operation interface. Now firefox 3.0 is better integrated with your operating system. Firefox under Vista is more compatible with Vista's Gorgeous style. Firefox under OS x is also more similar to other OS X's own software. The following shows the page changes that have taken place between Firefox 1.0 and Firefox 3.0:


You'll notice a subtle change in the theme from Firefox 1 to 2, but nothing to write home about.
You will find that the interfaces between Firefox 1.0 and Firefox 2.0 are almost unchanged.

On the other hand, the changes between Firefox 2 and 3-and even between Firefox 3 on different operating systems-are significant.
The interfaces between Firefox 2.0 and Firefox 3.0 vary greatly in different operating systems.

Another huge change to the look and functionality of Firefox 3 is the new and improved location bar. not only can you find a web page in your history by address, but you can also search the location bar by page title. it's smart, too, so the more you go to a site, the higher it'll show up in your results.
Another major change in the functionality and appearance of Firefox 3.0 is its new address bar. It not only allows you to search for websites you have accessed through web addresses, but also allows you to directly view the page title in the address bar. This is a good feature. Of course, the deeper you access on a site, the more historical records you have.

Options dialog (option window)

Between Firefox 1 and 2, the navigation sidebar in the Options dialog moved to the top and Mozilla added new options for handling RSS feeds and Tab management, among other small tweaks.
From Firefox 1.0 to Firefox 2.0, the navigation bar of the Option window is moved from the side to the header, and an RSS subscription option is added between several other functional items.

The biggest change in Firefox 3's options window comes through re-thinking the feeds tab as a complete application-management tab. you can now easily set how you want Firefox to handle any filetype through this interface as opposed to just tweaking how it handles feeds.
The biggest change in Firefox 3.0 is to turn a simple RSS subscription feature item into a feature option for Application Component Management. Now you can not only manage RSS subscriptions, but also manage many other application file types.

Add-ons Management)

In Firefox 1.0, extensions were extensions, themes were themes, and you managed them separately.
In Firefox 1.0, extensions and skin themes are managed separately.

In Firefox 2.0, Mozilla designers lumped extensions and themes together into a new add-ons dialog.
Firefox 2.0 is integrated into a new plug-in window.

In Firefox 3, the add-ons dialog hit the weight room, beefed up, and added a plug-ins tab and the get add-ons tab, an add-ons store of sorts. instead of searching the depths of the Internet when you're looking for a new extension, you can go straight to the get add-ons tab, search for it, and install it without ever opening a web page
In Firefox 3.0, the plug-in window became richer, adding plug-in features and getting new plug-in features, as well as a plug-in resource library of classification. Now you can search for and install new extension plug-ins in this window without opening a new webpage as before.

Bookmarks Management)

There's very little difference-if any-between the bookmarks Management in Firefox 1 and 2.
There is almost no difference in the management of bookmarks between Firefox 1.0 and 2.0.

Firefox 3, on the other hand, has completely revamped the look of the bookmarks manager and supported support for some of Firefox 3's newer bookmark features, like smart folders and tags. (As you can see, I haven't tagged tables bookmarks yet .)
Firefox 3.0 has a new UI for managing bookmarks. It also contains many new features, such as smart folders and smart tags.

In Firefox 3, you can easily add or edit any bookmark while you're visiting a bookmarked page by clicking the new star in the address bar. clicking it automatically bookmarks an unbookmarked page or provides you a simple avenue for removing a bookmark or adding tags.

In Firefox 3.0, When you access a webpage, you can easily add or edit a bookmarks by clicking the star button added in the address bar. Click the star button to automatically add bookmarks to the pages you visit or allow you to edit or delete bookmarks again.

Download Manager)

The downloads manager didn't change much between 1 and 2, but Firefox 3 has added a slight visual refresh, swapped out text links (like cancel) for some buttons, and added a handy little search box to the bottom of the downloads window to filter through your recent downloads.
There is no change in the download management of Firefox 1.0 and 2.0, and Firefox 3.0 has made some changes, turning text like exit into a button that is easier to recognize, in addition, a small search box is added at the bottom of the download window, allowing you to quickly search for recently downloaded files.

Password Management)

Like bookmarks, we didn't see any change in the way that Firefox 1 and 2 handled saving new passwords when you logged into a site.
Like bookmarks, we can see that Firefox 1.0 and 2.0 have no changes in processing and saving new passwords.

Firefox 3 provides a much less intrusive mechanisms for asking you what you 'd like to do with the login credentials you use to log into a site. rather than triggering a pop-up window that requires a response before you can continue, the new password bar allows you to continue on your merry way without attending to it immediately. you can even ignore the prompt altogether if you prefer.
When logging on to a website, Firefox 3 provides a low-noise mechanism to ask if you need to save the current password. Compared to a pop-up window that requires your response, the new password management toolbar allows you to continue your pleasant access without having to immediately notice it. You can even ignore it.

For more details on what you'll get with tomorrow's Firefox 3 release, see our top 10 Firefox 3 features.
For more information about firefox 3.0, see the top 10 new features of Firefox 3.0.

If we missed a change that you think needs pointing out between Firefox versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, tell us about it in the comments. no matter how you slice it, looking back at where Firefox has been, how far it's come, and where it's going, there's no question that it's a phenomenal browser that's never stopped evolving.
If you think there are any changes in Firefox 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 that we haven't mentioned, please let us know in your reply. I believe that, whether looking back at Firefox's past, paying attention to its present, or looking forward to its future, we can find that its progress will never stop.

Source Document of Hujiang UI team: the history of Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 in screenshots

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