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According to statistics, 70% of the world's population is in sub-health condition. Women account for a large proportion of the sub-health population. Fatigue, sleepy, often here pain, there itch, to the hospital inspection, the indicators are normal, in fact, you have been included in the "Sub-health" category. So, you need some simple ways to take control of your health at all times.
Bow vs Heart
Sit for 5 minutes before the test, measured pulse number a per minute, then the body upright, slightly forward flexion, and then restore, in fact, is bowed posture, 20 consecutive (moderate frequency), continue to measure the pulse number B; Rest for 1 minutes, then the pulse number C. Add three pulse numbers, subtract 200, and divide by 10.

The result is that the heart is strong between the 0~3, the heart is good between the 3~6, the 6~9 state is general, and the 9~12 is afraid you have to focus on the heart at all times; if you are over 12, see the Doctor as soon as possible.

Single foot Stand vs human aging

The participants were naturally drooping hands, close to the thighs, closed their eyes, stood with one foot, and the other watched the stopwatch. The aging degree is judged according to the time when the single foot is independent and stable and does not move. The standard of determination is: 30~39岁 male is 9.9 seconds, 40~49岁 male is 8.4 seconds, 50~59岁 male is 7.4 seconds, 60~69岁 male is 5.8 second. Women are 10 years older than men. The longer the standing time, the slower the aging level. Your physical age is higher than your actual age when you are not up to standard. Breath-holding vs lung

Although a moment of constant rely on the lungs to breathe, but there is nothing more than the SARS raid to make people aware of the importance of lung. A breath-holding test can help you detect whether your lungs are healthy or not. When swimming or bath, take a deep breath, then bury your head in the water, hold your breath, spit slowly, see how long it can last, of course, the longer the better. If you have more than 30 seconds, it means your lungs are healthy and you can reach 1 minutes and your lungs will be very strong.

Climbing Stairs vs Physical strength

To a 5-storey building, about 30-year-old people, step two steps, can quickly boarded 5 floors, still feel relaxed, indicating good health, 50-year-old people should be able to climb 5 floors, halfway without rest, without the help of handrails, there is no obvious asthma phenomenon, indicating good health condition. No matter which age stage person, if panting, the heart rate accelerates, indicates the physical strength is poor, climbs on the 3 floor to be tired and breathes, means that the body is weak, should strengthen the exercise.

Waist-hip ratio vs obesity

Women are most afraid of the increase in weight with age, so every day shouting "lose weight", but the most lethal is not obesity, but the resulting cardiovascular disease. The World Health Organization uses a waist-hip ratio to measure whether you are obese, when measured, to relax and stand, and the male waist and hip circumference should be less than 0.8, while women should be less than 0.7. According to the standard recommended by the American Academy of Sports Medicine, women's waist-hip ratio is greater than 0.85, there is a risk of cardiovascular disease, should pay attention to from diet and exercise conditioning.

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