HoloLens Development notes-known issues known issues

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This article mainly mentions a list of questions that may be troubling for our development of HoloLens applications.

Visual Studio

    • There may be minor issues when connecting to HoloLens using the VS Update 1. But these minor issues were fixed in Update 2, and we recommend that you use Visual Studio Update 2.

    • "dep0001:unexpected Error: -2145615869"- If you restart it after debugging the device, you may see this error when debugging again. Anyway, I often meet ... Once you encounter this error, restart the next vs after trying to debug. This issue will be fixed in a future update package.

    • Users who use Visutal Studio Preview 2 may find that the holographic DirectX project is not visible in the new Project template menu. In this case, you can use VS 2015 to create a new project and then use the VS. Preview 2 to open ...

    • HoloLens devices after you update the latest system, you may not be able to use the Visual Studio profiling Tools and graphical debugging tools. This will affect all devices that have developer mode enabled before updating the system. When you start the VS debugging tool, you may see an error message reminding you to restart your device. However, this is not an egg, and restarting will not work.

      • Workaround: After the device is updated, reset the device. After reconfiguring the developer mode, you may also receive an error message to remind you to restart your device. But this time, the problem will be fixed after restarting the device.

Emulator Simulator
    • No, so Windows Store apps are compatible with emulators, such as Conker and fragment, and cannot run on the emulator.
    • The simulator also cannot call the PC camera
    • The emulator's device console also cannot use the live preview feature. However, it is still possible to capture photos and videos with mixed reality.

    • Unity-known issues are listed in the documentation for the official forum:http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/known-issues.394627/
    • Additional steps are required to use the Ugui component on HoloLens, as well as the details in the official forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-ui-on-the-hololens.394629/
    • Scene enabling single-traversal rendering can cause rendering errors.
    • After a period of time after Dictationrecognizer dictation recognition is reinitialized, dictation recognition stops working.

Windows Device Portal
    • The Live preview feature will be delayed for a few seconds

    • Getposefortime will take a long time.

HoloLens Development notes-known issues known issues

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