Home and abroad open source and SaaS, team collaboration platform, project management tools to organize

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Organize some open source and SaaS, team collaboration platform, project management tools. What are some of the better tools that can be recommended?

Name Address Note
Asana https://asana.com/ Foreign
Basecamp https://basecamp.com/ Foreign
JIRA Https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira Foreign
Confluence Https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence Foreign
Open Atrium http://openatrium.com/ Foreign
Pivotal Tracker http://www.pivotaltracker.com/ Foreign
Smartsheet http://smartsheet.com/ Foreign
Taskant http://taskant.com/ Foreign
Trello https://trello.com/ Foreign
Yammer https://www.yammer.com/ Foreign
8hours.do https://8hours.do/ Free Trial SaaS
91 execution http://www.91yong.com/ Premium SaaS
Colorwork Http://www.colorwork.com/login Free SaaS
Gokuai http://www.gokuai.com/ Premium SaaS
Large Desk Office Http://www.dzzoffice.com Free, open source
Handone http://www.handone.com/ Fee, lifetime of the SaaS
http://www.iprofe.com/ Invite registration in Test
Imo http://www.imoffice.com/ Premium SaaS. can purchase private deployment
Pragmatic.ly HTTP/pragmatic.ly Premium SaaS
Teambition http://www.teambition.com/ Free SaaS
Teamcola http://teamcola.com/ Charges
Teamoffice http://www.teamoffice.com/ Free for 4 people
Tita http://www.tita.com/ Free SaaS
Tower.im HTTP/tower.im Premium SaaS
Worktile https://worktile.com/ Free for up to 10 people, with pro bono version
Wssys http://www.wssys.net/ Free
Hundred Meeting http://www.baihui.com/ Perpetual Free SaaS
Magic Weapon Online Collaboration office platform http://youfabao.com/ Premium SaaS
Lattice Cloud Office Platform http://www.gleasy.com/ Free for 20 people, news media, schools, trade associations, nonprofit organizations and other SaaS
Kei Ming Island http://www.qimingdao.com/ Free SaaS for up to 10 people with a privatized version of a group-based enterprise
Well written http://www.haobitou.com/#001 Free 1-person version of SaaS
Today's goal http://www.jingoal.com/ 2g Space Free SaaS
Research online http://www.escience.cn/ Free SaaS except Conferencing Service platform
Collar degree http://www.linkwedo.com/ Premium SaaS
Ming Dao http://www.mingdao.com/ Free SaaS within 5G. can purchase private deployment
Group Policy http://qortex.cn/ Fee, there is a public service version of SaaS
Soil http://www.myturan.com/ Limited Free SaaS
Micro Team http://www.wetuandui.com/ Free SaaS for 10 people and below 500M
Worry-free project management http://www.5upm.com/ Premium SaaS
Small Micro OA Http://www.smeoa.com/feature/ Free, open source SaaS, open source
Kingdee Cloud House http://kdweibo.com/public/ Free SaaS


Home and abroad open source and SaaS, team collaboration platform, project management tools to organize

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