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Home Theater, LCD TV, LCD TV, computer connection



I. Preface

LCD flat-panel TVs are now quite popular, but for TVs alone, the 16-9 wide screen is obviously not suitable.
Computer imaging materials are very rich, but a large screen is missing, and a large 1080 p Full hd LCD TV is undoubtedly
Is the best partner.
This article describes how to connect a liquid crystal to a computer.

II. Environment

LCD flat panel TV: Samsung la32a550p1r
Test notebook: HP v20172tx and Dell d610
Environment Introduction, Samsung la32a550p1r is a 32-inch full-definition p LCD TV, from the actual connection to the computer
The results are quite satisfactory. The screen is completely filled, and the resolution is appropriate. The SRS trusurround XT audio effect is not
Vulgar, fully competent for Computer Display + external speaker.
Iii. Connection Method s-video

Note: Introduction to home cinema, LCD TV, and common interfaces (1) describes the sterminal interfaces.
<S terminal line> one end is Dell d610, and the other is the left-side TV Panel (for the TV screen) S-video interface.
<Public-to-public audio cable (single, dual-channel)> one connection to the Dell d610, one connection to the left-side TV Board (for the TV screen) audio interface
Select the TV signal source as S-video.
The display effect is blurred, and the audio effect is normal.

The display effect is unacceptable and is not recommended.

Iv. Connection Method VGA

Note: "home theater. LCD TV. common interfaces (1)" describes VGA interfaces.

<Vga> one connection to the Dell d610 and one connection to the VGA interface of the TV backplane
<Public-to-public audio cable (single, dual-channel)> one connection to the Dell d610, one connection to the TV backplane (for the TV screen) audio interface,
The audio interface is on the right of the VGA interface.
Select PC as the TV Signal Source

The display is completely normal, with slight audio noises

When Samsung and many other brand LCD TVs are connected to a computer through VGA, The vgaine must have 15-pin full access (available in
Purchased from the market or tested by A multimeter). Otherwise, no connected device may be displayed. This cannot be ignored. In addition, the vgaine Quality
The quantity must also be guaranteed. If the TV screen is reddish and green after VGA connection, most of the cases may be caused by a vgaine needle.
When a computer is connected to an LCD TV, multiple display devices are displayed on the display device.
Or switch by displaying the switch key (the Dell d610 is FN + F8 ). LCD TVs and computer displays
The resolution is inconsistent. Generally, you need to switch to "LCD TV with signal computer display without signal ".
Visual Display of the screen width.
There are some regrets about the VGA connection mode, that is, the audio noise. I have tried the VGA connection between Hp ipv2tx and Dell d610,
Neither XP nor Vista can completely eliminate noises. (Note: Samsung la32a550p1r needs to be in audio control.
Turn off the "Automatic sound companion" option to reduce the noise .) However, in either case, the battery is used only if the external power supply is not used,
In addition, the audio is converted through Bluetooth, that is, the public-to-public audio line is directly connected to the TV and Bluetooth headset, and the computer uses Bluetooth
Audio is sent in Bluetooth mode. Fortunately, the noise is not great, but it is not perfect.
I think there may be a better solution to the noise problem, and further research is needed.

5. Connection Method HDMI

Note: Introduction to home cinema, LCD TV, and common interfaces (1) describes the HDMI interfaces.

<HDMI cable> one end is HP v20172tx, and the other is a TV backplane HDMI interface.
Choose the TV signal source to HDMI, Samsung la32a550p1r provides a large number of HDMI interfaces, use any
You can.

The display effect is normal, and the audio effect is normal.

Currently, this connection method is the most perfect. The connection method is extremely simple, and the display effect and audio effect are very good.
The HDMI interface of Samsung la32a550p1r is 1.3, but the HDMI cable used by the author and the HDMI connection of HP v20172tx
The version of the port is not clear, and it is estimated that more than 1.2 can be used.
HDMI connection of HP v3162tx in Vista:

The optimal la32a550p1r resolution is 1366*768, which can be displayed on both ends (LCD TVs and laptops have images ).
In this case, the speaker of the laptop is used. You can right-click the sound on the taskbar and select Advanced.
Spdif device: Set the spdif device as the default audio device to enable LCD TV pronunciation. Actually used display,
Vista is better than XP in terms of HDMI connection. It has complete function settings, excellent display effect, and good audio effect.

HDMI connection of HP v3162tx in XP:

Because of the huge size of Vista and the high consumption of hardware resources, most people have to re-select XP and HP v20172tx.
Pre-installed genuine Vista system, but we are willing to install a pirated XP. HP v20172tx due to update of hp bios f.2a
It is very easy to install XP (update BIOS f.2a, download the corresponding XP driver, and install it. For details, see the HP notebook forum.
Www.9ihp.cn ).
HP 3802 connects to the LCD TV through HDMI In the XP system. The method is also similar to Vista, but the audio device is gone.
Spdif. There is no HDMI output in the control panel sound. In fact, you only need to double-click the sound of the taskbar, in the pop-up volume
Select advanced on the control interface (Note: Dell d610 will have a "Start spdif", while HP v20172tx has a content similar
"Digital speeker"), and select the corresponding check box, the LCD TV can sound, but then the computer is also at the same time
Voice, to solve this problem, you need to set the volume control to mute, so that the computer will not speak. (Note: use the latest video card.
For driver and audio/video driver, see mydrivers. The audio/video driver is visible in the HP notebook Forum .)
HDMI connections under XP, the display at both ends (LCD TVs and laptops have images) is not good, only when switched to LCD TVs
Good display effect.

Vi. End

Please do not make your wide screen LCD TV a decoration and try the entertainment revolution brought by your computer.

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