Hong Kong gold production Liang guest, middle room Qianhai Fund movie culture Investment set sail

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June 23, 2016, Shenzhen xinying City movie Culture Media Co., Ltd. Director Liang, operations production Director Tan Yu, PR manager Liang a guest in the Qianhai fund Shenzhen headquarters, China Housing United Group Qianhai Fund Management Co., Ltd. Executive President Yang, investment and research director Lihui received from Hong Kong guests. The two sides have conducted multi-level and multidimensional communication on the domestic film and television industry, IP investment industry, private equity investment, Hong Kong TV and the mainland film and television trends and so on.

In recent years, the film and television industry has developed rapidly and the operation scale is enlarged. The data show that the Chinese film box office has risen from 900 million in 2003 to 44 billion yuan in 2015, growing 49 times times the annual compound growth rate of more than 38%. The 2015 total box office was the biggest increase in nearly 5 years, equivalent to 63% of the North American market, and China is already the world's second-largest film market. Television performance is not to be underestimated, the hit drama is still the major TV and video sites scramble to rob the focus of its copyright prices continue to record new highs.

There is no doubt that the film industry has become a new place for capital. According to Chinaventure group Cvsource statistics show that 2015 years of cultural media PE/VC financing case 93, the total scale of 1.482 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, the film and television, music subdivision field to 37 cases ranked first, accounting for the total number of financing cases of 39.78%, the scale of 809 million U.S. dollars.

The rapid development of film and TV industry and high returns, attracting some PE/VC have set up television funds, including banks, private equity, public funds, and other forms of financial capital into the movie industry. According to "2015 China Film Investment and financing analysis" as of December 2015, the domestic PE/VC set up a private equity fund, in the establishment of the initial positioning in the movie Culture Investment fund has 50 odd, the target size of more than 50 billion yuan. In addition to the professional Culture and Culture Fund, almost all of the large and medium-sized PE has set up a film investment department or film Sub-fund company. In view of the whole film and TV industry trend of grasp, as the backbone of the industry in the Qianhai fund, of course, will not miss this opportunity in the movie and television industry deep plowing. Zhong Fang Group

      Of course, the strength of the single fight is weak, the Qianhai fund to the alliance more excellent film and television professionals, participation in which win and benefit. Xinying City Film and television director Liang is the mainstay of the movie culture industry. Back in Hong Kong in the 80 's, Liang producer and Huang, Flint, detect ive three people set up a new Art City Film Co., Ltd. And with its keen commercial tentacles, film wisdom, market analysis, organized team to production, screenwriter, budget control, publicity and promotion, each film is applauded and won, become the South-East Asia box office champion, the entire film and television industry pushed to a higher peak. Masterpiece "Kill the Beautiful Woman", "Best partner", "Ghost Horse Mastermind", "Family Portrait", "Same Boat", "Qian female Ghost", "Happy Ghost series" and so on, all deep in the hearts of the public, have a good tablet, until now the TV, satellite TV, website constantly replay.

       Liang Producer This trip is sparing Liker, for the Chinese housing Qianhai Fund in the film and television culture industry set sail to provide help and support. Yang, chief executive officer of Zhong Fang Qian Hai Fund, said: "Under the strict and sophisticated wind control, the Qianhai fund has been committed to search for customers and investors, matching the best and highest quality resources in all walks of life, to create the best quality projects, to bring maximum benefits to investors and customers. In the film and television culture aspect, the new chairman of Liang Sun has the successful operation experience of preparing and producing the issue. Can better help the Qianhai fund rooted in the field of film and television, and slowly cultivate the maturity of the Internet investment Market. The

In-house Qianhai Fund website: http://www.qhcredfund.com

Hong Kong gold production Liang guest, middle room Qianhai Fund movie culture Investment set sail

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