Honor the Elderly with huaiju mp3 download huaiju mp3 download Zhao zhen Niang hatred longevity Figure merry Dad

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[Drama Introduction]:

Huaiju Zhao complete Download, full time 2 hours 49 minutes.
"Huaiju Zhao" Plot: Zhao send her husband to Beijing to test, behold husband a go three years without thereafter. Zhao hungry to take care of the old in-laws, until her parents passed away, she begged to find the husband Lang. Husband Caiburg Beijing to test C.P. Group, a moment of confusion to stop his wife and marry Uxorilocal prime Minister cattle. A day Cai and Newfers to the Guanyin temple incense, while Newfers to the back of the hall to hang out, encounter Zhao bosom Pipa singing, a pair of marriage finally Joseph. Zhao is Love and hate, Caiburg is pleading five Niang magnanimous forgive.

Huaiju zhen Niang resentment complete download, full-time play 2 hours 20 minutes, from Jiangsu province Lianshui Huai Opera troupe Xu Qing, Yong Junjun singing.

Huaiju Longevity Figure Two episode full play download, 2 hours 5 minutes.
Plot: Huaiju "longevity map" also known as "three Sons of the father", scholar Wang Yi to the capital to try to run out of money, the ancestral things to the longevity of the map sold to Guangong, but inadvertently lost the sale of the map silver, guangong father Zhang Ge Ishigawa returned to Wang, after home was daughter-in-law Zhao drove out of the door, but was Guangong with Zhao's thousands of miles seek father, father did not find, Zhao but carry guangong will longevity map cheap sold to stone silly ... Pedestrians and other noisy to the court, did not expect the Master is the year of the scholar to sell the longevity map Wang Yi. The drama plot twists and turns, is interesting, is a departure person deep awake the play.

Huaiju Merry Dad up and down two episodes of the entire play download, full time 1 hours 24 minutes.

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Video 1:http://www.400gb.com/file/80515041

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Honor the Elderly with huaiju mp3 download huaiju mp3 download Zhao zhen Niang hatred longevity figure merry Dad

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