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The server (host) hosting service can be divided into server (host) hosting and virtual host (virtual hosting ).
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"Server hosting" is to place a server in a company that has a network environment that is actually connected to the Internet, or rent a server to it, you can remotely configure the server to www, email, and FTP servers. If I buy a computer and want to use it as a website or other server, and it is not safe or high-bandwidth at home, I can put it in the IDC of the Telecommunications Bureau or a network company, give them money to look after the server.

advantages of host hosting:
having a good enterprise site is an important means for enterprises to develop and present themselves. If enterprises want to have their own independent web servers and do not want to spend more money on investment in communication lines, network environments, and data center environments, even if you don't need to invest in 24 hours of network maintenance, you can try the host hosting service. Host hosting is characterized by limited investment, short cycle, and traffic congestion.
"VM" means to detail the hard disk Of a Unix or NT System, the subdivided hard disk space can be configured as WWW, email, and FTP servers with independent domain names and IP addresses. When such servers are browsed by people, it cannot be seen that it shares the system resources of a host with others. Users who rent a space on this machine can use remote control technology, such as file transfer (FTP), to control the part of the space that belongs to him, such as downloading information, configuration of application functions. It should be said that through the "virtual host hosting" method to own an independent site, the performance price is much higher than self-built and maintained a server, at present, this method of website establishment is increasingly used by enterprises and institutions.
Differences between host hosting and virtual hosts:
1) host hosting is an exclusive server, while a virtual host is a server shared by multiple users;
2) host hosting users can select their own operating systems, while VM users can only select operating systems within the specified range.
3) host hosting users can set their own hard disks, create more than 10 Gb space, while the VM space is relatively small.

the host hosting service is mainly for ICP and enterprise users who have the ability to manage their own servers and provide services such as web, email, and database. However, they need to use IDCs to improve network performance without building their own high-speed backbone network connection.

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