Hot recruitment in pre-exam training course for PMP certification in September 2014 and October

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Project Manager alliance, 11-year PMP training experience, leading organization of PMP training in China


The PMP certification training service, founded in 2003, is currently the most well-known PMP organization in the PMP training field in China. Honorary Project Management Alliance PMP customers include yonyou software, Founder Group, HP, chinesoft, China UnionPay and other well-known high-tech enterprises in China. The PMP certification training service of the Project Management Alliance implements full-process standardized services. Senior managers of Fortune 500 well-known enterprises have excellent courses and high passing rate. It is an excellent brand of PMP certification training service in China.


Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is one of the earliest professional institutions in China (founded in 2001) to provide project management services. It is the global rep of the American Project Management Association) authorized training partners with the National Bureau of foreign experts. The Project Management Alliance provides project management consulting and services to enterprises by introducing advanced project management knowledge systems and methodologies (PMBOK, SPM, opm3, ICB, and delta.


Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is the governing unit of the China Project Management Research Committee and the Standing Council Unit of the Beijing Project Management Association. It focuses on project management, project management and R & D management, rich experience in consulting and training services in engineering, manufacturing, IT and communication industries. The Project Management Alliance has hosted and co-organized national project management academic and application Summit forums and conferences for many times, starting from 2003, project management training courses, enterprise internal training courses, PMP and pgmp Project Manager certification courses were held all the year round. More than 30000 project managers were trained for enterprises and institutions.


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Management personnel at all levels, project management personnel, project managers and technical managers of various technology and R & D, it software and communication, engineering and design, and other project-oriented enterprises, an excellent engineer and technical backbone who is interested in growing into a project manager.


Training location

No. 27 beitaipingzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing Ministry of Railways (600 south of Peony Park Station of Metro Line 10 or 300 west of North taipingqiao of North Third Ring Road)


Instructor Introduction

Senior Consultant of Xiao instructor Project Management Alliance, full-time PMP lecturer


Mr. Xiao is a senior consultant in project management consulting and training, and has a high prestige in the PMP training industry in China. Mr. Xiao graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Dalian University of Technology in 1993 and obtained a bachelor's degree. After graduation, he has successively worked in Beijing building materials group (now Beijing Jinyu Group) beijing fenglian real estate development and operation Co., Ltd. has successively held engineers, project managers, and enterprise management positions.


From April 1st to April 6th, the Project Management Knowledge System of the American Association for project management (PMI) was trained and passed the global certification examination of American project manager (PMP) on April 1st.


Started in 2002, he worked at Beijing zhongke Project Management Research Institute and studied the theory and practical application of project management at home and abroad. Post-project evaluation for Shenhua Guohua Power Company, Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) the company's investment project management process re-engineering, Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. Carbon Dioxide Processing Station, China Offshore Oil No. 5 drilling platform repair and other projects provide project management consulting services.


Starting from January 1, 2004, Mr. Xiao has been dedicated to project management and PMP teaching and training. The teaching cities are spread across more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. The total number of teaching courses is over 1000 days, and more than 15000 trainees are trained. Since the training courses are clear, the content system is practical, and PMP focuses and test sites are prominent, PMP trainees are well received.


Translated and published books by instructor Xiao include: organization-level Project Management Maturity Model (opm3) compiled by the American Project Management Association (PMI) ", Microsoft Project Management knowledge and ability certification exam materials" modern project management tutorial "," Project Management PMP test site essence ".


Training schedule

January 2014

Project Management System Training

Model Test 1

Test site discussion

Model Test 2

Model Test 3

PMP exam date

Exam December

Phase 1

October 21, 14, 20, 21, and 27

November 1

November 15

November 22

December 6


December 13 (Saturday)

Exam December

Phase 2

October 25, October 12, November 1, and 2

November 15

November 16

November 22

December 6


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