How about a ThinkPad w550s notebook?

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How about a ThinkPad w550s notebook?

First, the appearance of details

1, small black classic design lighter and thinner workstation

2, the overall appearance of the ThinkPad w550s continued the classic design of small black products, the shell of the use of carbon fiber material, fuselage internal metal skeleton, the strength of the machine is still very considerable. Interface is more abundant than general pen electricity

3, the ThinkPad w550s interface configuration than the general notebook to enrich some, on the left side of the fuselage, it is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, an SD card reader, a RJ45 network interface, a headset/microphone two-in-one interface and a screw-lock VGA display interface and power interface; On the right side of the fuselage, it is equipped with two USB 3.0 connectors (which support the left side of the shutdown charge), a mini DP interface; A SIM card slot is also hidden near the battery compartment of the w550s; The bottom of the w550s's fuselage is still equipped with a docking slot.

We saw a long, w550s design on the ThinkPad, Lenovo put the heat sink on the right side, that is to say, most people are using it in the fuselage of the hot air blowing hands, it is too regrettable. But for left-handed, this may be a boon. Thickness weight more considerable

4, compared with the previous product, w550s the biggest change in the "ultra-thin" fuselage. Of course, it's definitely not thin when put together with a MacBook, XPS 13, but as a workstation-level notebook, its fuselage thickness is a real breakthrough.

5, compared with the previous workstation, thinkpadw550s's weight performance is excellent, its bare metal weight of 2.212 kg, after the battery weight of 2.508 kg, travel weight of 2.878 kg. While there is a gap between the mainstream 15.6-inch notebooks, it's definitely a portable level for workstation-level notebooks. First-class use experience ThinkPad w550s details experience, with 3K level touch screen

6, high-resolution screen has been one of the plays of the W series products, w550s also equipped with a resolution up to 2880x1620 IPs touch screen, the overall impression is very good, in terms of color reduction and brightness performance are much better than the general notebook. This is a very wide black edge we will not say more, hope that the next generation of models can be improved. The ThinkPad is not equipped with a color calibrator on the w550s, and may use the device on a later standard version of the W550. Classic Little Red dot keyboard

7, with a three-file brightness adjustment of the white backlight, ThinkPad w550s keyboard is still small black classic small red dot keyboard, and we have recently evaluated the t450/t450s, it's a bit deeper, the input experience has been further enhanced, the key hat feedback is very comfortable, It's not too bad to say it's the most comfortable keyboard in the current notebook.

8, w550s the fingerprint identification device in the palm of the right side of the One-fourth points position.

9, w550s Touch Board continued the ThinkPad product update design language, touch board and small red dot with the three buttons with a split-body button design, the lower part of the previous generation of products to retain an integrated touch-control board design. It is worth noting that the location of the trackpad is not the entire palm of the center, but is located in the space bar, the design is to a certain extent to match the small red dot get more comfortable handling feelings. Getting Started professional ThinkPad w550s benchmark test

Second, the processor test

1, the ThinkPad w550s currently has I7-5500U and i7-5600u two kinds of processor optional, the memory is only 8GB one, storage has 500GB mechanical hard disk and 512GB solid-state drive two, the video card is only Quadro k620m an optional. We got a version of the 500GB mechanical hard drive with I7-5600U,8GB memory. New Five Dynasties low voltage processor

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