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Iphone6s plus how about iphone6s plus evaluation detailed evaluation

In the course of Apple's development in China over the past few years, mobile phones have become the core product of the growth of their business. And with the economy slowing and the pressure on imports and exports growing, the next generation of iphone 6s/6s Plus will be a big concern for many investors. Compared with previous products, this year “ The s” upgrade does not seem to have much update, whether it's a 3D touch, a processor or a clearer photo shoot, far less than the visual impact of last year's screen upgrades, and the only thing that attracts users is perhaps a brand new rose gold color. What seems to be the surprise and inadequacy of the iphone 6s/6s Plus, and the ability to stimulate the nation's spending spree again, we are trying to solve the puzzle.

As we all know, the iphone series, with “ s” suffixes are often complementary to the product of a generation and perfect, and after several years of product iterations,“ S” 's meaning has been developed from the original speed (speed) to today's “ surprise” (surprise), while supporting the surprise of the content more from the process and the inner, the design of the reservation and fine-tuning has become Apple's default processing mode.

So for iphone products, does the design need to be updated annually? In fact, this has sparked heated discussions inside Apple. Although from the designer's point of view, the work of the continuous update can bring a good visual satisfaction, but also can increase the user's viscosity of the product. However, design updates often require process and material upgrading as a strong support, from a business perspective and the current industry environment, obviously this is not a good way.

In fact, after several years of development, the iphone series of seemingly brilliant, but have to admit it also went into the homogenization of the large environmental pattern, it is more than any product need urgent to find a way to break through the road, and Apple has to weigh the pros and cons, in addition to the processor, software and other routine upgrades, but also joined the 3D Touch screen features, and decided to inject more regional elements in the iphone 6s, that is, to create a rose gold color for Chinese users, to maintain a retail price of 5288 yuan, it can be said to be full of sincerity. Of course, you can also understand that Apple is laying more groundwork for the next generation of products.

For a mobile phone more than 5000 yuan, I believe it is difficult to think of someone from the cost-performance perspective, more of the brand culture and product comprehensive strength of recognition, that 5288 yuan from the IPhone 6s/6s plus value is not worth buying? In fact it is difficult to generalize in a few simple sentences, which is an understanding of each individual's opinions. In this case, we may as well be simple and rough to solve the problem, that is, you have the intention to start a mobile phone? What's your budget?

If you do have a recent intention to start a mobile phone, the iphone 6s/6s Plus as the recognized flagship, in fact, than any product is worth recommending, of course, you also need to pay more than 5000 yuan of consumption. But if your budget is 2000 yuan, or about 3000 yuan, then should we recommend other products?

According to the current network-related data, in the 4000 yuan above the price segment of the mobile phone (do not differentiate the system), the iphone topped the list, in the 3000-dollar price segment of the mobile phone, Samsung occupies most of the market share of 2000 yuan under the smartphone, domestic brands almost unified Jiangshan. And this is actually consistent with our recommendation. The new iphone is clearly our top priority in an economy with plenty of budget, and even you can opt for a phased approach to reduce the cost of spending. Of course, if you only love Android, or your biggest spending will be within 2000 yuan, the domestic Andro can actually meet most of your needs.

One, the appearance evaluation

After so much, let's talk about the iphone 6s/6s plus design, although it looks like it was the same as before, but in fact Apple has given it more low-key changes.

When it comes to choosing the iphone, there are people who say how the iOS experience is, and how the iphone is being photographed, or how the iphone looks. But when it comes to the reasons for choosing a new iphone, the look is definitely something that many people are focusing on. Because in many people's view, the use of the latest iphone has become a symbol of identity. But the iphone 6s's appearance upgrades have disappointed many fruit powders, because it looks as though the iphone 6s and iphone 6s Plus have no significant difference from the previous generation except for the newly added rose gold color. Still, there are a few changes on the new iphone that deserve attention.

Change the fuselage material to 7000 aluminum

Starting with the iphone 6s and the iphone 6s Plus, Apple upgraded the remaining 6000 aluminum fuselage on the iphone to 7000 aluminum, naturally to solve the problem of easy bending of the iphone 6 series models. It is to be explained that whether 6000 aluminum, or 7000 aluminum, in the industry is the category of hard aluminum (7000 aluminum is super hard aluminum), but in terms of strength, 7000 aluminum is about 6000 aluminum around three times times, as the fuselage material, can bring more stable fuselage structure. In other words, you may still be able to bend the iphone 6s Plus with both hands, but your effort will be nearly three times times the strength required to bend the iphone 6 Plus.

It is worth mentioning that 7000 aluminum is not all superior to 6000 aluminum, such as in the corrosion resistance (mainly to resist the corrosion of sweat), 7000 aluminum is less than 6000 aluminum, at the same time, 7000 aluminum is more difficult to color than 6000 aluminum. However, there are rumours that Apple has thickened the iphone 6s and the iphone 6s Plus's antioxidant layer (and also the coloring layer) for these two points. and the actual effect, or to wait for the iphone users for some time before you know.

New Add rose gold color

Of course, Apple has added a rose-gold version of the new iphone in an effort to take care of Chinese customers ' special looks. About this rose gold, I believe we should also have a clear concept, it is not like our concept of the common golden like “ trench ”; On the contrary, in contrast to the traditional gold version, rose gold to be more gorgeous eye-catching, which is why many “ scalpers ” directly call it “ pink gold ” reason, because it does look like a hint of pink. Of course, for many male users, using the Rose-gold iphone 6s may be a tough decision, because in a sense, it does show a hint of “ feminine temperament ”.

Weight increased by 20g

The next thing to say is the weight change in the new iphone, which is explained separately because the iphone 6s and the iphone 6s Plus have an unprecedented increase in body weight, which is very rare in the history of the iphone's replacement. Especially if the fuselage shape is almost unchanged. We know that the iphone 6 Plus has a weight of 172g, a level-weighted one, while the iphone 6s Plus rises directly to 192g, the most recent of its kind. We found a variety of models in the editorial department, and compared the touch, the IPhone 6s Plus is really a lot more of a crash. From this point of view, the delicate female user may be a little harder. But then again, the iphone for many women to use, is like high heels, although wear will be tired, but in order to be beautiful also endure.

What needs to be said is that some users may think that the change in weight of the new iphone is caused by the replacement of 7000 aluminum, but the fact that there is no inevitable link between the two. We have already reported that the new iphone will increase the weight of the fuselage, because of the 3D touch sensor components, the so-called gain and loss, we can only expect the 3D touch of the great experience to make up for the shortcomings of the increase in weight.

Overall, the IPhone 6s Plus is still one of the best smartphones in terms of appearance and workmanship, even if the external cam is not flat, even if it fails to remove the wide white injection bar, even if it retains a wide-happy border. In particular, the addition of 7000 of aluminum has solved the most vexing bending problem on the iphone 6 Plus, making the iphone 6s Plus all-metal fuselage better. And some users are more concerned about the white injection bar too ugly, as well as the camera outstanding problems, are at the current level of technology, the manufacturer's frustration; even if there is a solution, Apple is unlikely to use it in the original version of the only upgrade of the S, the future we can only expect the iphone 7 can make a breakthrough in appearance.

Second, System evaluation

With the official release of Apple's iphone 6s/6s Plus, we purchased the iphone6s plus iOS9.0 system, which is destined to be the most fluent mobile phone in the iOS9 operating system. The new iOS9.0 system also optimizes battery endurance in addition to the previously unveiled fonts, new wallpapers, new background styles, and smarter Siri, maps, and more.

The wallpaper, which is constantly updated from the IOS9 beta version, today sees a refreshing 15 new wallpapers. After we can see the icon below the text also replaced the new font, looks more refreshing. Here also for iphone6s added static, perspective, Livephoto three choices. In addition, the IPHONE6S series with the previous iphone products in the image set up a live desktop, which is legendary through the 3D touch to achieve “ dynamic wallpaper ”

Believe that most users get the machine the first time want to experience the legendary 3D touch, but when we really boot experience found it is not so good to appear. First of all, users do not understand the first use of 3D touch the use of strength, resulting in a lot of people actually think that their function is not open or support. In addition, in the use of the beginning of the user also do not quite understand which applications can support 3D touch, so it also has a certain cost of learning.

Starting with Apple iphone5s, more and more users are concerned about the privacy of their phones, causing them to be unaccustomed to the lack of a password for their iOS devices now. This iOS9 update also increases the password settings from the original four-bit password to six-bit password (here is a simple password, the complex password remains unchanged).

Apple has launched a dual certification, Apple believes that only a password, is not enough to always guarantee your account security. This is why IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan have built-in support for dual authentication. We can choose whether to register this feature, and once you use this feature, whenever you use a new device or a browser to log in, you will receive a prompt to enter the verification code. The code will automatically be displayed on your other Apple devices, or sent to your phone. Enter the verification code and you can log in quickly, and any unauthorized user will be shut out.

We all know that the IPHONE6S series on the hardware side of the battery capacity has shrunk, this time the iOS9 in the software will make every effort to remedy the problem. First, the low power mode is seen in the setup. This is similar to Android's Low-power mode, in low power mode mail access, background application refresh, automatic download and part of the visual effects will be reduced, Low-power mode optimization of the performance of the device can be extended up to three hours of battery power. In addition, the IPHONE6S series benefits from ambient light and proximity sensors, the iphone is able to recognize whether the face down on the desktop, and even when notified, it will not light the screen.

In the Low-power mode of the battery icon is yellow, we measured in the open state of violence using micro-letter 2-hour battery power only 10%, not open low power mode violence using micro-letter is required to lose 39%. So the power-saving mode of Apple is compared with the common electric power mode.

New Siri apps and contact suggestions for the search feature are the beginning of a more human-smart iOS. The new iOS9 will learn our use habits, on the basis of traditional search for us to tailor some suggestions to facilitate users to quickly find their own needs content. For example, it will record our daily usage patterns, and when I am near the company it will prompt us for information about the yellow pages nearby. The perfect combination of global search and Siri does bring a more sophisticated experience to users.

I believe that many users are as accustomed to using Siri as we are, because it is the most convenient among the current voice intelligence assistants. The IPHONE6S series with IOS9 does not need to connect power or hold the home key, just say “ hey,siri” can activate Siri and issue instructions. and other iphones need to connect the power to not press the home button to exhale, wood is very convenient? I love this new feature too much.

In the case of proactive assistance, provide information before you start typing, such as reminders when you need to set out for an appointment, as well as traffic conditions, and understand what you usually listen to at a particular location or time, and you can automatically display playback control options for your preferred music and video applications. To put it simply, it's going to be a bit scary for us to prepare something in advance. Another big change is changing the background style, changing the vertical label page to a Landscape label page.

In the map also has a small upgrade, the goods actually support the bus navigation and support transfer navigation! It's too convenient! We just want to call out the Tiananmen Square in Siri and it will quickly recommend the route to Tiananmen Square. New map to join the public transport navigation, the new public transit can be directly on the map to show the subway, bus, train, etc. although this function in the domestic Third-party app has been widely popular, but the Apple navigation is very useful, especially in people outside the time.

The memo drawing function was originally from the Samsung Galaxy Note phone, and more vivid images will enrich our memos. But..... Are you sure you can draw a very beautiful picture? Anyway, I can't. Also, if you want to experience this feature, you must update the icloud data synchronously, as it synchronizes to other Apple devices. In addition, we can create a checklist by using the memo feature, where we simply click the "Make Checklist" button to create a checklist. You can make a shopping list, wish list, or to-do list, and then tick the schedule.

The IPhone, IPad and ipod Touch is more intelligent and active with the powerful search feature and the more sophisticated Siri features available in this update. The new IPad multitasking feature allows two applications to be arranged in parallel or in sync with a new picture-drawing feature. In addition, a variety of built-in applications are also more powerful, such as “ map ” Detailed public transport information,“ Memo ” application has been redesigned, and new News applications have been introduced. Improved operating system fundamentals, improved performance, increased security, and increased battery life by up to one hours. At the system level, iOS9 also quietly brought us the battery can be more durable, the need to update the space is smaller, more convenient.

3D Touch Experience

Why Apple has become one of the most respected brands in the scientific and technological community it is because Apple has been able to add innovations that can lead the industry in every product, such as capacitive screens, gravitational sensors, gyroscopes, press-fingerprint identification, etc., which Apple has finally become the industry's standard in bringing them into the smartphone arena. Others say Apple's success lies in its ability to create new buying needs, and Iphone6s/6s Plus's brand new purchase requirement for consumers is the 3D touch screen

What is 3D touch

The 3D touch screen is actually the Force Touch pressure sensor screen that was previously on the new MacBook and Apple watch. Apple thinks the touch screen has gone from a single touch and multi-touch to a 3D touchscreen that can induce pressure.

We also said that the new MacBook's trackpad and Apple Watch screen are all equipped with this feature, but the two implementations are slightly different: the MacBook adds a pressure sensor at the corners of the trackpad to enable pressure sensing, and Apple Watch is directly in the bottom of the screen with a separate pressure sensor bar, there is a rumor that because the iphone6s/6s plus still use in-cell IPs screen, and the pressure sensor layer integrated in the screen module to achieve pressure induction, And now the industry to remove Apple's pressure-sensitive screen solutions, such as Dunte technology, such as pressure-sensitive screen, although the principle is different, but all need to be on the basis of the previous screen to increase the thickness slightly. This is why iphone6s/6s Plus is 0.2mm thicker than before. Of course, there is no need to understand the principle, we also focus on the 3D touch screen how the experience above.

If you haven't seen the Apple launch, it's not clear what the 3D touch screen will do, but simply, by sensing the pressure on your finger-touching screen, there's a whole new kind of interactive experience, like previewing pictures and so on. Also as an important part of the 3D touch —— The Taptic Engine vibration module also gives different vibration feedback according to the different pressure.

After getting the evaluation machine, all the colleagues in the editorial department said they wanted to try the 3D touch screen first, and there were some Apple Watch users. After the trial everyone's feedback is 3D touch or need some learning costs and adapt to time, especially before the pressure sensor screen has not experienced the small partners have said that finger compressions need to master a degree, but the basic 10 minutes after the 100% skilled use.

There are only a handful of system-built applications that are optimized for the 3D touch, such as gallery applications that can open recent photos, search, and so on without opening the application by pressing the screen. For example, in the map application can not enter the application of the case to open the home route, send location. This experience also exists in browsers, photos, alarm clocks and other software.

There are already a number of third-party applications, such as micro-letters, that are starting to introduce 3D touch features. Simply put, the current 3D touch mainly brings a new preview and an interactive experience that goes directly into a particular feature. Sometimes you open a micro-letter just to brush the circle of friends, sometimes you open the map only to navigate a way home, sometimes you open the mail only to glance at this email is important. These very purposeful and common operations are the current 3D touch in the interactive experience of the effort to improve.

What's the potential of 3D touch?

3D Touch to the author's feeling is the same as the gyroscope on the iPhone4 on the same year. At the beginning of the release, although it gives everyone a bright feeling, but no one believes that gyroscopes can become the next standard for smartphones. Nowadays the gyroscope has already surpassed the meaning that enhances the game experience before. Gyro inertial navigation, gyroscope combined with optical stabilization to enhance the photo experience and so on are the results of countless brain storms through Apple and developers. And the 3D touch will bring us what kind of surprise?

1. Enhance the gaming experience: this is obvious. There are already many game makers who have publicly shown that the pressure-sensing screen can dramatically improve the gaming experience. For example, a racing game can change the throttle braking force depending on the pressure of the fingertip touch screen, such as Angry birds hitting the birds according to different perceptions of pressure, and so on. It is believed that in 1 months there will be the application of 3D touch screen game published.

2. Enhance security: In some places need to enter the password, can be based on the touch screen pressure of different to achieve enhanced password difficult to crack degree.

3. An important component of augmented reality: humans perceive the world through five senses: form, sound, smell, taste, touch. Before has solved the shape, the sound two feeling, this 3D touch is the first time tactile introduction to the smartphone interactive experience. is an important part of future augmented reality function.

Of course, 3D touch the future of the space is unlimited, it is visible that other mobile phone manufacturers will quickly bring this function into their own mobile phones. As far as the existing operational experience is concerned, the small partners who have used them say: Once you get used to it, you'll never go back.

Six, Apple iphone6s plus FAQ

1, 16GB enough to use?

With the development of smart phone hardware and software, the smartphone's fuselage storage capacity has been developed to the current 16GB, and 16GB capacity is not enough to actually vary from person to person. On the night Apple pushed iOS 8 for users to upgrade, the phone prompts for at least 4.7G of space to be installed, and countless 16GB versions of iphone users do not erase some photos and apps from their phones. This also exposes the majority of 16GB users in normal use, the remaining space will be less than 5G, or even less.

In daily use, a game hundreds of MB, big game or even more than 1GB of the situation is common, often listen to music will need to cache to local at least hundreds of trillion space, plus more and more commonly used app, to set aside some space to take pictures or video. Plus the iphone 6s uses 12 million pixel main camera, added 4K video recording and Live Photos function, 16GB capacity is really stretched. Therefore, whether it is photography enthusiasts, audio-visual entertainment large or ordinary users or 16GB say goodbye, decisive 64GB onwards. Moreover can start the IPhone 6s fruit powder, this 800 yuan difference also absolutely in the acceptable range, in order to save the 800 dollars and buy a half crippled mobile phone is why.

In addition, the 16GB version of the iphone is gradually being marginalized. From the iphone 6 generation, Apple canceled the 32GB version, from 16GB straight to 64GB. Why does Apple do this? It is reported that the 64GB of NAND chip cost only 15 dollars more than 16GB, but the former is more expensive than the latter 125 dollars. After weighing, more users will still choose 64GB, which will undoubtedly greatly improve Apple's profit margin. 32GB capacity is enough for most people, but for Apple, its presence could lead to a sharp drop in sales of 64GB and 128GB versions. This is also why Apple still retains the 16GB version and does not start from 32GB the most direct reason.

2, Ching, Hong Kong version in the end which version to buy?

Every year there will be a lot of users choose to buy not licensed, including the Hong Kong version, Taiwan version, the Asia-Pacific version, the European version, the United States version, and so on, including the most Hong Kong version. The reason for this is simple, the Hong Kong version of the iphone price is low, but also in the mainland to enjoy the official warranty. After May this year, Apple modified the After-sale policy, the Taiwan version of the machine in mainland China can also enjoy the same as the official warranty without distinction. Last year's iphone 6 market, the Taiwan version and the Hong Kong version in the price of this, basically a flat state. But the Hong Kong version is more abundant and the price is more stable. And this year for mobile and Unicom users, the port version of the iphone 6s will still be the most worthy of the purchase of the version.

With the first iphone 6s on sale, the port version of iphone 6s is not necessarily cheaper than the licensed one. But China is also on the starting list, so the new iphone's price is expected to return to normal in a short time. Therefore, the intention to purchase a Hong Kong version of the user still need to wait a while after the official sale. In addition, according to Apple's official website of the corresponding data show that the port version of the iphone 6s in the mainland still only support mobile, unicom format. Telecom user's words or try to buy National telecommunications contract machine as well, if not consider the contract machine can not carry the number of factors, the telephone return of the telecommunications contract machine is actually more cost-effective.

3, where to buy the most cost-effective?

At present, if you want to start the first time, can be bought on the official website is already the most cost-effective. The mainland region is also in the starting list, and on the day of the September 12 purchase of the case, this time the Apple official website of the stock is very sufficient, the cattle hoarding goods to increase the situation will be relatively small. The iphone 6s's arrival cycle is 1-2 weeks, and the iphone 6s Plus has a 3-4-week delivery cycle, the company's official website shows. Plan to start the iphone 6s advice to the Apple website direct purchase, 1-2 weeks of arrival time has become normal, fully acceptable.

In addition, we note that on the first day, Jingdong mall iphone 6s/6s Plus has been available at 8 today, but only for previous subscribers to buy (need to snap). After measured, snapping success is relatively difficult, it is estimated that in the first day of the Beijing-east of the stock is not particularly sufficient. However, whether it is the official purchase channel or electric power channels do not need to increase the purchase, but the arrival time will be different.

To see the operator channel, the three operators are now accepting the new iphone, but the contents of the specific contract package are not available. But we found that Jingdong Mall is already on the line of the iphone 6s Telecom gift version, and has been able to select the number and package. Buy Now, September 25 after 8 o'clock after delivery. The small series consulted China Telecom, customer service staff said China Telecom official currently only accept the new iphone reservation, but the specific package content is still in preparation. As for why Jingdong will first in China Telecom launched a small series of contract package is also unknown, but with the Jingdong customer service staff confirmed that Jingdong Mall show that there are goods can be purchased.

Although the iphone 6s Plus the arrival time is slightly longer, through other channels to buy stock may be a small increase, but it is recommended to remain rational, as far as possible to buy Apple website.

To Beijing telecom iphone 6s Deep air 64GB as an example, the contract package 129 yuan, the second month from the return of 52 yuan, the last month to return 94 yuan, a total return of 1290 yuan. The 129-dollar contract package contains 1GB domestic traffic + 500-minute call. and the highest 229 yuan package Total return 2290 yuan, monthly Aohan 4GB domestic traffic + 700 minutes of calls. Other operators of the contract package you can refer to this.

Proposal: Comprehensive comparison, it is certainly the operator contract machine the most cost-effective. However, due to the majority of the contract machine is not supporting the transfer network, the need to deal with the new number, which is the contract machine applauded the biggest reason. Of course, if you do not care about this, of course, the most simple purchase contract machine.

4, when to start the most appropriate?

The new iphone is well stocked because of China's participation in the IPO and from the purchase of Apple's China website. Even now the order, can be in 2-3 weeks time to get the spot. The first day of the official sale may be a yellow cattle fare increase, but this situation must not last long. Combined with previous iphone sales, it is hard to reduce the price of the new iphone for six months after it is sold, and users who want to start the country line will now be able to order.

The new iphone released, the Hong Kong version relative to the licensed in the price will have a certain advantage, and as its capacity gradually increased, the Hong Kong version of the iphone in the mainland price will gradually close to the Hong Kong official website after the price of the renminbi. We take the iphone 6s 64GB version For example, Hong Kong's official website price of HK $6388, about 5250 yuan, and in China's official website is sold 6088 yuan, a difference of 800 yuan more. Believe that after the new iphone supply stable, the price of 5200 yuan to buy 64GB version of the iphone 6s should not be a problem. And the Hong Kong version is expected to be in the 2-3 days after the official sale in mainland China, but the Hong Kong version of the price advantage is not obvious, the mainstream is still the best choice. If you want to start with a price of 5200 yuan 64GB version of the iphone 6s may need to wait another 1-2 months.

Recommendation: There is no change in appearance, so for many people, including me, the power to upgrade the iphone 6s is not big. The proposed purchase of iphone 6s users to wait for a period of time, less than one months, more than two months. Wait for 64GB Port edition drops to 5000 yuan when the start again. But if you want to start the first time on the iphone 6s, then do not hesitate, immediately to the official website to order. It's nothing to wait 1-2 weeks for a crazy increase in previous scalpers.

5: If the fare increase to do one more ox

Last year because the iphone 6 did not start in mainland China, want to start the first time, can only choose to buy the port version or other parallel versions from the Ox, the fare increase is as high as thousands of yuan. But this year China also appeared in the iphone 6s's starting list, which can let many cattle heart cool a big cut. Starting day, the internet has been a number of new dealer quotes, of which the 16GB version of the iphone 6s Price is even lower than the official website prices, is expected in the next one months will also be difficult to usher in price increases. There are plans to store up the price of goods sold and now the arrival of the small partners to eliminate the idea of it as soon as possible.

6: What color is rose gold in the end? Suitable for boys.

Although the iphone 6s has no change in design, it adds a new color to the rose gold. After the release of the meeting, rose gold is also suffering from vomit trough, by the netizens dubbed as “ brain residue ” powder. Although this rose gold looks pink, but is far from pink. In fact, the rose gold in the jewellery industry has long been famous. Typically, it is made up of 75% of gold and other alloys. The pink rose gold makes the color of the colored gem more dense, and shows nobility and luxury. Apple's foray into the fashion circle has become increasingly apparent after Apple Watch.

But then, although the rose gold is not pink, but the general use of male users I am afraid it is still not a good match (the picture is too beautiful I dare not look). It is undeniable that after Apple launched the Rose-gold soon, domestic manufacturers will certainly be competing to use this color. For mobile phone color selection, we follow their own aesthetic point of view, not blindly.

7:3d touch screen can be foil?

For a cell phone as protected as the iphone, the color of the phone is naturally critical in dealing with secondhand. In the iphone 6 first use of 2.5D curved glass appearance, can be affixed to the film is the majority of users concerned about the problem. But until now there is no perfect solution for the curved edges of the screen.

The iphone 6s is equipped with a new 3D touch screen, which has become a big problem in the film-sticking field. This screen has the pressure induction characteristic, may realize the quick Preview, to the application quick operation and so on function. Since we haven't got the real machine yet, we're not sure how sensitive this screen is to pressure sensing. But even the ordinary film, for its operating accuracy is sure to have an impact, the FRP film is not to mention.

8: A complete farewell to a butt sit bend?

Shortly after the iphone 6 was released, users were bent over the iphone 61 butt. Not because of the body material or the structural design that the iphone 6 uses. In some special cases, even if the intensity is higher or inevitable one buttocks sit bending tragedy. This time, the IPhone 6s used a customized 7000 series aluminum alloy material, the official said “ its strong degree than the previous ”. In fact, the first use of the 7000 series aluminum alloy material is not the iphone 6s, but Apple Watch.

The new iphone uses the Apple custom 7000 series aluminum alloy hardness is 60% higher than the ordinary aluminum material, simultaneously the density is only the stainless steel 1/3, namely is lighter and thinner. But even so, I'm afraid it's still a dream to say goodbye to a seat. Although the 7000 series of aluminum alloy lighter and thinner, but poor corrosion resistance. For this apple to be polished and tiny zirconia bead sandblasting, enhance the feel of the same time to help prevent scratches and corrosion.

Evaluation Summary:

How to judge whether a product is successful and take into account innovation, I believe that sales are the most straightforward interpretation, but in fact, sales data by market strategy, product positioning, distribution channels and other aspects of the impact, it is difficult to objectively and comprehensively explain the problem. But there is no doubt that an innovative product must have advanced industry awareness and can quickly cause an industry boom, while the iphone 6s/6s Plus is clearly in line with the definition of innovation. Although the appearance of relatively small changes, but its internal has brought about a leap of the upgrade. Whether it's a brand new 3D touch, a vastly upgraded A9 processor, or a mature rose gold (pink) solution, it's the forefront of the industry, leading the mobile phone industry in the next year's direction.

In fact, for many users, the design of the consumer behavior is the biggest factor, if from this point of view, the IPhone 6s/6s plus did not make much change, it is difficult to let users of its unchanging appearance of the bill. And Apple's approach is to color to regain attention, at the same time with a lot of intrinsic upgrade as a selling point, and strive to in the fatigue of the domestic smartphone market again waves. From the current breakthrough of 10 million of the predetermined amount can be seen, Apple's policy is successful.

Back to the original topic, the IPhone 6s/6s plus value is not worth the start, in fact, we have at the beginning of this article has given a direct answer,“ this is still a worthy of recommendation and start the new iphone” So now we're going to solve the problem of how to buy.

At the beginning of the sale, the best purchase channel is still Apple's official website/Apple Day Cat Store, a minimum of 5288 yuan can be started, at the same time, China Merchants Bank/ICBC/Agricultural Bank can also enjoy on the Apple website installment service (up to 24), the cat can also use the flower Bai for the installment purchase (9 period of 622.8 yuan per month), In addition, Beijing-East, Suning, Gome and other electric dealers also provide sales and staging services, and Third-party staging platform to join the sales channels, suitable for students, compared to the previous year's new Apple, the IPhone 6s//6s plus the ease of purchase has been reduced a lot.

As to the question of which version to choose, at present, the National Bank is clearly the first choice, not only has the full netcom attribute, and also support UnionPay flash standard, can be said to be the most powerful version of the internal hardware, the price of 5288 yuan; As for the second recommended version, it is clearly a version of the Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan area, The main reason is that we can enjoy the domestic UNPROFOR service, but does not support the telecommunications and UnionPay pay, but the price is 500 to 700 yuan cheaper than the National Bank, as for other countries and regions of parallel imports are not recommended, due to the lack of warranty, and the price of the port/Macao/Taiwan version does not have too many advantages, so the recommendation is not high. Under the current environment, from the official website reservation, as far as possible to start with the original price, is also the most recommended way for us at present.

Five, photo evaluation

At the iphone 6s/6s Plus press conference, an instant blow to the scene, the new iphone camera pixels are finally not used 4 years ago began to use 8 million pixels, and finally raised to 12 million pixels. I am surrounded by a lot of friends are saying that they wait for this moment has been too long. But the author would like to first of all pouring cold water, the iphone 6s/6s plus 12 million pixel camera a single pixel area from the previous 1.5um down to 1.22un, that is, although the number of pixels has been raised, but the overall photosensitive element area has not changed much.

The size of the whole photosensitive element has not changed and the number of pixels can bring two obvious effects: 1. The detail of the picture is obviously improved. 2. Low illumination condition, the picture sharpness drops. Although the previous IPHONE6/6 plus used 8 million pixels unchanged for 4 years, a single pixel area was steadily rising to 1.5um a year, a data industry leading the way. It can be said that large single pixel area is the iphone imaging quality of the crown for many years the important reason. And why did Apple give up the strategy of years of success? I guess there are several reasons for this:

1. Consumer pressure is too great: although many consumers, including the author, understand what we are saying above, for the majority of consumers are still in high pixel = good quality of the consumption concept. Apple “ Compliance & rdquo, and an escalation in public opinion can also add to the iphone 6s/6s Plus, which is not a bright spot.

2. Supply Chain problems: we all know that the iphone has been used for many generations of Sony customized photosensitive components (custom sensors are not sold to other vendors), and when Sony will be the entire production line transfer 13 million, 16 million, 21 million pixels today, To customize a better 8 million pixel sensor to Sony it is likely that Sony has failed to meet Apple's corresponding demand for the product line.

3. Related technology Upgrade: Apple this time on the camera to carry a lot of new features, but also includes the adoption of a new ISP image processing core, etc., has been able to solve the low light situation of the screen purity of the problem. As for the Apple adopted what kind of new technology, we read in detail behind.

4. The development of the related industry chain: Iphone4s is Apple's first mobile phone with a 8 million-megapixel camera, 11 when the computer screen 1080P just popular, 2K screen even belong to extremely small high-end geek toys. Today, the latest Apple imac computer has been using a 5K resolution screen, in other words, if the Apple still uses 8 million pixels, the photos taken by the phone cannot even be tiled as your imac wallpaper. The rapid development of the related industrial chain in the past two years has also forced Apple to bring in high pixel cameras.

5. Part of the crowd for quality definition requirements: Nowadays more and more professional photography enthusiasts began to use the iphone instead of professional camera to create, and these users for the picture local clarity requirements are increasingly high.

Combining the above reasons, Apple has finally adopted a 12 million-pixel Sony custom camera. What about the apple that we talked about in the dark light environment? The Apple also announced the adoption of the new “deep trench isolation” Technology in the press conference, the Chinese translation is & Ldquo, deep groove isolation ” technology. The adjacent 22 individual photosensitive pixel points are isolated by deep groove, which minimizes the effect of each single photosensitive pixel, thus reducing the noise. In fact, this technology has previously been on the Samsung Isocell sensor on the launch, but the effect is not significant. Can Apple turn this “ rot ” technology into magic? Let's go through the proofs to find out.

Appreciation of iphone6s plus proofs:

Through the proofs, we can see that in the overall picture color, white balance, details, the iphone 6s Plus have a significant increase compared to the iphone 6s. And we can see that the iphone 6s Plus the minimum sensitivity of the sensor can be ISO25, compared to the previous ISO32 also made progress, which also can improve the purity of daytime photography screen. Of course, the disadvantage of small individual pixel area also exists, even in the light intensity of the day will appear when the picture is darker than before. This makes the author more expect two mobile phones at night shooting contrast. Due to our limited time to evaluate, we will present the article in the form of a special test in the evening.

What is Livephoto?

Livephoto is another new feature on the iphone 6s/6s Plus, which literally can be understood as a vivid picture. Yes, Apple's Livephoto function is to get your picture moving. The specific mode of operation is to click on the top of the photo interface to open Livephoto. The system will record the screen and sound of 1.5 seconds and 1.5 seconds before you press the shutter and record a short “ video &rdquo with a 1440*1080 resolution of 10 frames/sec, which will move when you preview the image with the 3D touch feature.

In fact, HTC has already launched the Zoe function, and has not received extensive attention from the industry. But after this iphone has been added to this feature, we are not yet clear about the future. However, there are two problems in the experience of the author also want to share with you:

1. Need to shoot skills: Because the Livephoto function will record the picture of the first 1.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds before the picture. You need users to not move their phones quickly in this time period. such as the author of the picture immediately after the preview of the person will appear livephoto effect is bad.

2. Photo Volume Increase: Livephoto is recorded for 3 seconds of 10 frame/sec 1440*1080 Resolution short video, the basic will take a picture of the space volume increased by one times. If you want to experience the Livephoto function perfectly, choose a large volume version!

4K Video to join

With the iphone 6s/6s plus a more powerful SOC and ISP image processing module, the addition of 4K video is a bright spot for the iphone 6s/6s Plus. In terms of quality 4K video must be much higher than 1080P, but at the same time I also want to remind everyone is 1 minutes 4K video capacity around 400MB, that is, 16GB version of the iphone 6s/6s plus recorded 30 minutes 4K video there is no space! You dare believe that? (The system occupies 4GB of storage space). Although the demand for video post-production to 4K TV is getting higher, the fuselage storage space is still an impassable gap. Apple launched the 4K video, Livephoto function also indirectly push up its high fuselage memory version of the sales, which is why Zhongguancun store 16GB version of the IPhone 6s/6s plus the first day fell below the price of the important reason.

Four, performance evaluation

If you want to say the iphone 6s/6s plus bright spot characteristics, I believe many users will feel that is 3D touch screen, 12 million pixels, Apple A9 processor, in these major features of the most intuitive part of the screen and camera, but the fact that the iphone 6s/6s Plus the biggest hardware upgrade is the A9 processor, although Apple is still low-key use a few words, but the industrial significance behind it, and the support of the user experience is revolutionary.

First, let's take a look at Apple's official introduction to the A9 chip, a simple explanation on Apple's official website,“ A9 Chip is our third generation of 64-bit desktop computer-level architecture chip. Compared to previous generations, it has increased the overall performance of the CPU by as much as 70%, and, more surprisingly, the performance of the graphics processor has increased by more than 90%. ”

There are several bright spots in this passage, the third generation 64, performance improvement 70%, graphics performance improvement of 90%, in fact, this is a very scary change, compared to the iphone 5s to the iphone 6 promotion (respectively, 25% and 50%), such a promotion can be said to be subversive, So what is the story behind the Apple A9 processor, we have to solve this puzzle.

There is no doubt that Apple A9 chip is still based on ARM architecture, and arm is the current smartphone processor, the most original designers, but because arm itself does not produce chips, so only the development of the public version of the architecture and architecture licensing two forms, the former peak representative is obviously Samsung Exynos 7420, the use of the A57 core, relying on the 14nm process will greatly improve performance (Geekbench3 single-threaded up to 1500 points), which is almost the current public version of the highest performance of the architecture.

The scary thing about Apple's A9 is that, because Apple uses a more advanced architecture license, it has independently developed “ cyclone” (whirlwind) architecture and the public version of the architecture has a completely different idea (A9 chip does not change the architecture, just fine-tuning processing), such as Apple like to use a larger, higher IPC performance modules, and with a lower operating frequency, to reduce the operation of the device to generate power, So we have learned that most of the Apple processors are dual-core, and the central frequency of the center is around 1.5GHz, and Android equipment on the multi-core high frequency of the public version of the style is completely different, the two have no comparable, so the different architectures under the processor can not simply rely on the nuclear number to compete.

In the past Apple press conference, Apple's information on the processor is a taboo, and for the software experience-oriented technology giant, the hardware does not appear to be its strength, but in fact, Apple has a terrible hardware institutions, even up to thousands of people's research and development team. So when Apple announces the performance of its A9 processor, it's not just a matter of simplicity, but it's actually the protection and confidence of Apple's proprietary chip design, such as the third-generation 64-bit platform, the newly-built transistor architecture, and so on.

As we said in last year's iphone 6/6plus review, one of the amazing highlights of the previous generation of Apple A8 processors was the number of transistors with up to 2 billion, the total size of the chip in 89 square millimeters (as in SRAM), And with the strong performance of the 6-way command launch A57 3-way command launch design, and the next generation of iphone 6s/6s plus the Apple A9 processor is actually this design style.

However, it is particularly worth mentioning that the use of 14nm/16nm FinFET technology is a major highlight of the A9 chip, respectively, by Samsung (14NM) and TSMC (16NM) respectively, the main reason is that Samsung's good product rate is not high, resulting in lower capacity; and TSMC 16nm has sophisticated solutions, It has also become one of the suppliers of A9 chips. As for the previous network performance and power consumption differences, there is no clear information on this, we will do further observation.

In addition, the new structure of the transistor has not changed the core number of Apple A9 chip, is still a dual-core design, but the main frequency to upgrade to 1.8GHz, the structural side is still a 6 launch state, the memory subsystem is also basically unchanged, such as SRAM cache still exist, in addition to the use of faster 2GB LPDDR4 memory to enhance performance, and ultimately achieve the Geekbench 3 single-threaded 2490-point performance, far beyond other rival chips, including even the unpublished Gaotong 820 (results from the network leakage data).

Many other users are puzzled, although the single line aspects of Apple A9 chip far more than other opponents, but in multithreading only scored 3600 points, and Gaotong Dragon 810, Samsung Exynos 7420 is not comparable, or even worse than the Gaotong Dragon 801, whether the Apple A9 does not have an advantage in multitasking? In fact, although the multi-core in the case of the full full of Android mobile phones will indeed peak in an instant, but in the continuous operation of high load applications, usually due to CPU overheating will be reduced frequency processing, the current fiery Gaotong 810 is a typical representative of frequency reduction. So Android phones are not going to keep running at multiple cores, or they're likely to run slower, and Apple A9, thanks to its home-grown architecture, can basically keep running at full speed, and with the iOS system running, you don't feel a sense of latency even if you open multiple programs.

In addition to performance improvements, Apple's A9 processor has another major advantage to achieve up to 90% of the graphics performance, although the official and explain its graphics processor model, but basically the six-core PowerVR GT7600 undoubtedly, compared to the Apple A8 processor carrying four nuclear GX6450 ascension is very obvious, And also far beyond Adreno430 (Gaotong Dragon 810) and MALI-T760MP8 (Samsung Exynos 7420), will undoubtedly become the current smartphone's most powerful graphics chip.

The GT7600 is Imagination's new graphics processor in February this year, belonging to the PowerVR Series 7XT series, which contains the gt7200/7400/7600/7800/790 five models, each with 2, 4, 6, 8, 18 clusters ( Clusters) core, ALU operation units are 64, 128, 192, 256 and 512, of which GT7600 192 FP32 ALUs Core (if according to the strategy of domestic manufacturers, may be in accordance with the “6+192 core & Rdquo's GPU was advertised, and the specs were amazing.

Many other users concerned about the actual core number of GT7600 problem, we see the model number of the second is 6, which means that it has 6 USC units, so you can also be understood to be the “ VI &rdquo, the same, A8 G6450 can be seen as a four-core.

In addition, the PowerVR 7XT series also extends pvr3c bandwidth compression technology and supports OpenGL ES 3.1, Google's AEP (Android expansion Pack) specification, while geometric rendering, surface subdivision, ASTC texture compression, The technology of HDR material is also a cinch. Another new GT7600 although IMG Tech officially claims to be the rogue architecture, it strengthens the kernel's rendering, computing power, performance, and, on the graphics API, almost all of the mainstream graphics standards, even the DX11 standards, We can even see that there is a surface subdivision unit in the architecture diagram, which is typically supported by the DX11 device, even if it is not optimized for the ALU core, it is extremely scary to add just two core clusters of rendering. This is also the Apple can proudly announce the performance achieves 1.9 times times the promotion.

In fact, the size of Apple A9 chips has crushed the industry's vision-dominated Nvdia products, such as the current mobile GPU Overlord Tegra K1 compared to the previous test data show that, at 300MHz, Tegra K1 and GX6650 (iPad AIR2) can achieve 115.2GFLOPS FP32 floating-point computing power, and GT7600 can basically be the same as GX6650, so the overall performance is very strong, staggering. After all, Tegra K1 was once considered to be the industry's strongest mobile graphics processor, and the iphone 6s/6s Plus, as a mobile device, had the same results and had to admire Apple's input in graphics. Perhaps IMG Tech's throne, which was lost on the desktop platform, is now available on the mobile terminal.

So who will be the competitor for Apple A9 chips? It is clear that the Gaotong Dragon 820 (graphics Adreno530) and Samsung Exynos M1 8890 (graphics or mali-t880) are not yet released, and all three are using their own architecture, which can be said to be the real opponents. After all, last year's Apple A8 has been on par with Gaotong 810 (last year Apple A7 was the same grade as ARM's strongest cortex A57), and according to the current information, Apple A9 can still rival the latest cortex-a72, It is even more predictable than the Gaotong 820 (single-threaded 1732) and Samsung Exynos M1 8890 (single-threaded 2100), while the latter is clearly next year's product, and the formal commercial encounter is expected to be in the first quarter of next year, when Apple A10 is even in the planning, So it has to be a sigh of Apple's hardware ahead.

So if you've been hesitant about the iphone 6s/6s plus performance boost, well, you don't have to. Many tests and data indicate that it is currently the strongest mobile processor and will be tied to next year's Qualcomm/Samsung flag chip, which will undoubtedly be a solo show for the iphone 6s/ The best support point for the 6s Plus advantage. In any case, Apple still has the best power of the current mobile processor chip, and nothing else.

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