How about Xiaomi mix and hammer M1 mobile phones? Comparison and evaluation of Xiaomi mix and hammer M1

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Comparison and evaluation of Xiaomi mix and hammer M1:

Introduction to Xiaomi mix:

Configuration parameter diagram:

Xiaomi MIX is equipped with a 6.4-inch full screen proportion. The front of the fuselage is super concise and has no holes. The front side of the millet MIX without a receiver sound transfer technology, and the replacement solution with a built-in ultrasonic generator, using ultrasonic detection distance. The front camera is moved to the lower right corner, and the customized front camera module is 50% smaller.

To achieve ultra-high screen proportion, Xiaomi MIX customizes the rounded corner to cut the screen. The screen is customized at, and the virtual buttons do not occupy the screen. Body material adopts full ceramic technology. X-Dragon 821 is configured with 4 + 16 million GB memory, built-in 4400mAh battery and fast charging. The main camera uses a pixel camera and supports full functionality of NFC and 4G full Netcom.

Xiaomi MIX exclusive fingerprint ring and camera ring are decorated with 18 K gold plated, and the memory is upgraded to 6 + 256 GB, supporting the release of leather cases. In terms of price, the price of Xiaomi MIX Standard Edition is 3499 yuan, and the price of VIP version is 3999 Yuan. The reservation will start tonight and will be available for sale on March 13, November 4.

No doubt, Xiaomi mix is the real "black technology" full of mobile phones. Setting aside the configuration and not mentioning the full screen is the biggest selling point. In addition, the configuration is fully price-compliant, whether it is a player or a business person, the "black technology" of this mobile phone is enough to conquer you. It's just that the price of Xiaomi mix seems a little unconfident by Lei Jun. This price, coupled with the need for pre-sale, is estimated to be all "scalpers" at that time, making it a little difficult to get started, I also hope that Xiaomi mix will not be hacked due to sales issues!

Introduction to hammer M1:

Hammer M1 is a flagship model with a high profile, powerful performance, high picture quality and sound quality. It has many highlights. The following is detailed hardware information.

From the parameter perspective, there is only one version of hammer M1. Here we need to note that the hammer M1L has three versions.
In terms of appearance, the hammer M1 adopts the all-metal Non-breakpoint middle frame design of aluminum alloy and mirror stainless steel.

Detailed configuration parameters of hammer M1:

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