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"Do you want a headset?"

For a pair of newly bought headphones, the sound has not yet achieved its own ideal performance, based on the new headset unit components, shock film, Wire and so on are still in a new stage, not warm up under the timbre, sound quality performance will still have a lot of problems, generally reflect the characteristics of the hearing is "too tight, rough, cold, burr or heavy-toothed sound, etc." In an unstable state, the prime number may be better than one of the dozens of-dollar opponents. So in fact, any headset bought back, must go through an indispensable process, that is, "pot headphones."

"The concept of pot headphones"

The concept of pot headphones is the same as brewing wine, the new wine and the old wine is alcohol degree, grade difference, it is whether the fermentation is sound, brewing the length of time, to the headset into a vintage wine, the headphones will be slowly to brew, experienced players are also very clear to know, any electronic parts, audio equipment or accessories, Need to go through a period of running-in, the equipment after a certain period of time, the parts will be smooth, stable and optimal, the overall effectiveness to slowly into the stage of maturity. Headphones give it a long time to warm up, in a different way than normal use, to operate for a long time to put the headset components, accelerate the belt into a stable state and slowly modify the quality of the shortcomings.

"The time and improvement needed to burn headphones"

Theoretically, the time of the headset cooker, the current brands do not have a clear reference to the standard, each headset is different, and the difference in the individual hearing, the headset design, unit properties, the size of the film, material, or wire materials and conduction performance, Also have a direct relationship and impact on the time flow required to practice headphones. The moving and moving iron units are different from each other because of their acoustic structure, sound principle and unit diameter.

Generally speaking, moving ring headphones need to warm up for a long time, may need 100 to hundreds of hours, after a period of such a long time, the performance of the unit has gradually entered a stable state, the headset as a whole has entered a mature stage. In principle, the sound of headphones will be expressed more clearly, other shortcomings will be more or less can be modified and improved, in particular: the teeth sound, the sense of Burr will be reduced or subsided, the chilled sound will become more loose, too tight low frequency will be more powerful and elastic, rough line of the human voice become smooth, sound field a wide range of ascension, Musical instrument analysis ability and so on. But one thing is worth noting, different headphones in the pot after the improvement may not be directly proportional to, but also look at the headset unit of prime numbers, and some headphones no matter what method you use, pot practice for 3-500 hours, the final result of the change is only the general loss of equipment, headphones and no change or upgrade! So the pot machine is not absolute for a headset.

"Choice of pot Headphones"

Many forum community practice in the teaching of headphones or sharing methods There are many, there are the most common, there are more types of guidance or technical methods, but also some equipment targeted, all kinds of related methods, the ultimate goal is to hone the headset to the ideal state. What is the ideal state of being? What is the best sound performance? What is the ultimate criterion? Headphones are their own listening, then of course, in the end, with their own sense of hearing. Unless it is a burning friend, the headset has a fever-level requirements and own a set of a separate pot machine program, for the general user, do not trouble, the use of more common methods can be achieved significant results, why not?

The following small series to say several common methods:

1, shun its natural law:

This is the simplest and most do not worry about the way, we do not have to consider too much, every day to listen to it for a few hours, with its natural use, after a few months after the headset will not feel across the process of the pot machine.

2, White/pink Noise:

This is done using white/pink noise, according to data on the Internet, which is similar to the nature of the synthetic ambient noise, its frequency range is covered in 20hz--20

Between khz, or the most common of the two kinds of machine use noise, white noise is relatively noisy, and the pink noise is relatively low soft some, the data said that the pink noise contains more low-frequency energy, so suitable for the early warm-up for pot headphones, these direct search can be obtained, can also directly use the General FM Radio FM, Between Taiwan and Taiwan appeared "rustling ..." Sound ", that is the white noise said. You can search nouns for more details.

3, the use of Walkman, such as equipment or mobile phone:

In fact, this is also a lot of people will use the method, you can use the hands of the portable equipment such as MP3 machine or idle mobile phones, as the sound source of the cooker, the battery can have more than 10-20 hours, very flexible, but we should note that the output of portable devices and the type of headphones paired. The thrust of some MP3 machines is limited, and if you have only a small voice coil or unit with an ear-like headset, it's not a problem, but if you have a big moving ring unit headset, it's going to be hard. The headset unit of big moving coil unit and the impedance is relatively large, and the power output of the equipment can not make the film more thorough movement, so these words, can only take the high-power or large hifi equipment to pot machine to get the ideal effect.

4, the use of test disc/pot Machine CD:

To burn the headset after the first dozens of hours of warm up to go into the real pot stage, at this time the most unstable headset performance, experienced players or powerful burning friends, will be able to grasp the most favorable timing, to the headset sound and detail of the performance or a frequency band of weaknesses, to more professional and targeted methods, For example, the use of some of the Fever test disc/Professional CD-player, such as some piano strings, classical symphonic, fever, and so on, and so on, to improve the headphones on the various problems, for their own shape a pair of the most of the sound and sound quality performance of the most ideal headphones out. However, please note that these more in-depth practice of the headset program, the results are difficult to say, it is better to have a certain degree of understanding after such a start.

"A fatal mistake to avoid in a pot machine!"

Everyone in order to make the beloved headphones become more sound excellent, become more mature will go to pot machine, but if in the pot machine error, small will make the sound quality, bias or abnormal overtones, serious people may also let unit burn.

Where the volume is too large is in the process of headphones, is one of the most common fatal causes, the "reasonable volume" criterion is very vague, the small part of the proposal in the first three hours to dozens of hours of the warm-up period, only the individual normal listening to the three or four volume to the machine.

Music Choice also need to remind you repeatedly, do not think with some strong music, if you increase the volume to the machine, you will be able to speed up the time of the headset, in fact, this is the most lethal pot machine method, the new headset film is not open before the relaxation of the amplitude is still quite limited, if the excessive volume again with such as: remote rolling, heavy metals, Electronic dance This kind of excessive stimulation of the genre to the new unit strong sound bombing, after the pot can be ready for the headset funeral. To use a gradual approach, light volume, slow rhythm first to warm up, so much safer.

Continuous cooker, unit easy to strain can be fatal, long time high-power will fruit heat, will cause the headset related components deformation or permanent damage, so do not expect a pot machine in place, relaxation has degrees, so that the unit has a break time is the best choice.

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