How can I solve the outlook error code 0x800ccc0b?

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After Outlook Express and other mail client software are set properly, if the mail is not normal, Outlook Express will give you an error message, which will contain an error code for comparison with the following table based on the error code, generally, you can find a solution to most problems.

Error code meaning

0x800c0131 may be caused by a folders. DBX File Attribute error or damage.

0x800c013e 0x800c0133

0x800ccc00 Authentication Not loaded

0x800ccc01 certificate content error

0x800ccc02 authentication date Error

0x800ccc03 user online

0x800ccc05 is not online to the server

0x800ccc0a mail line download unfinished

0x800ccc0b server busy

0x800ccc0d cannot find the host (check whether your SMTP server is set incorrectly)

0x800ccc0e failed to connect to the server and cannot be connected to the host. Wait for a while and try again. Or use ping or other network commands to test whether the server can be connected.

0x800ccc0f server ends online (the peer server is overloaded and network transmission congestion is easy to cause this phenomenon. You can try to increase the waiting time when you renew the server online, or change the ISP with better quality)

0x800ccc10 server cannot recognize this email address

0x800ccc11 unrecognized mailing list on the server

0x800ccc12 unable to send Winsock request

0x800ccc13 cannot receive Winsock reply

0x800ccc14 cannot start Winsock

0x800ccc15 cannot enable Windows Socket

0x800ccc16 the user account cannot be identified. The user account is incorrect.

0x800ccc17 user interrupted operation

0x800ccc6 Login Failed

(For example, login without security password authentication, but with Security Password Authentication)

When the 0 x ccc19 job crashes

0x800ccc1a cannot establish online with SSL

Winsock Error

0x800ccc40 network subsystem unavailable

0x800ccc41 Windows Sockets does not support this application

0x800ccc43 bad address.

0x800ccc44 Windows Sockets cannot be loaded

0x800ccc45 operation now in progress ..

SMTP Error

Invalid 0x800cc60's response

0x800ccc61 Unknown error code

0x800ccc62 received a syntax error

Invalid 0x800ccc63 syntax Parameter

0x800ccc64 command incomplete

0x800ccc65 incorrect command sequence

0x800ccc66 command incomplete

0x800ccc67 does not have this command

0x800ccc68 email address is locked or busy

0x800ccc69 cannot find the email address

0x800ccc6a Processing request Error

0x800ccc6b email box is not on this server

0x800ccc6c no space for storing emails

0x800ccc6d exceeds the upper limit of storage capacity

Invalid 0x800ccc6e email address

0x800ccc6f transaction error. This message may be returned because the server does not accept your email. Please contact your ISP.

0x800ccc78 incorrect sender or email reply address (reply-to) (solution: My email requires authentication)

0x800ccc79 recipient rejected by Server

Relay denied: the SMTP settings of Outlook Express are incorrect. Please use the SMTP server of the ISP that provides your online service to send a mail ,)

0x800ccc7a no sender specified

0x800ccc7b no recipient specified

POP3 Error

0x800ccc90 An error occurred while logging on to the email server. Check whether you have the permission to use the server. Or: you do not need to log on with the security password authentication, but have set the security password authentication.

0x800ccc91 user name error or cannot be found

0x800ccc92 incorrect account and password

0x800ccc93 unable to explain the response

0x800ccc94 command required

0x800ccc95 server has no email

0x800ccc96 is not marked as download

0x800ccc97 Message ID out of range

NNTP Error

0x800ccca0: The news server responds to an error. You may not have the permission to use the server.

0x800ccca1 failed to read the news group

0x800ccca 2 requires that the server Mail List fails.

0x800cca3 unable to display list

Group cannot be enabled for 0x800ccca4

0x800ccca5 server does not have this group

0x800ccca6 email is not on the server

0x800ccca7 cannot find part title

0x800ccca8 cannot find email this article

0x800ccca9 cannot be published to the server

0x800cccaa cannot enable the next mail

0x800cccab cannot display date

0x800cccac cannot display title

0x800cccad cannot display the mime title

0x800cccae user name or password incorrect

Ras Error

0x800cccc2 dial-up network Not Installed

0x800cccc3 cannot find Dial-Up Network

0x800cccc4 dial-up network error

0x800cccc5 connectoid is broken or lost

0x800cccc6 error in dialing setting

IMAP Error

0x800cccd1 Logon Failed

0x800cccd2 message tagged

0x800cccd3 Invalid Response to request.

0x800cccd4 syntax error

0x800cccd5 is not an IMAP server

0x800cccd6 buffer has exceeded the upper limit

0x800cccd7 recovery Error

0x800cccd8 incomplete data

0x800cccd9 online rejected

0x800cccda unknown response

0x800cccdb user ID changed

0x800cccdc user id command failed

0x800cccdd unexpected disconnect

0x800cccde Invalid server state

0x800cccdf cannot authenticate the client


Symptom: After receiving a large email and waiting for a long time, Outlook Express reports an error. After a large email is deleted on the server, the small file can be received, but the large file cannot be received.

After checking, it is found that a single email storage file larger than or close to 2 GB exists in the mail storage directory. Because the Outlook Express mail storage file supports a maximum of 2 GB, the problem is identified here.


1. Remove history emails from this folder, for example, to a new folder (Backup → 2003; 2004.

2. execute folder compression (because the deleted files are not actually removed from the mail storage files, only marked, therefore, the folder compression function is to remove deleted emails from the mail storage file. Therefore, the mail storage file is reduced to achieve the so-called compression purpose, you will find that the email storage file is significantly reduced.

Click Tools/accounts/attributes/servers (server) dialog box next to my server requires authentication (my server needs to be verified .]

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