How can such a day be?

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Two days later on the weekend, wandering around for a Saturday, plus half a Sunday, and then waking up on the sofa on Sunday afternoon, I suddenly found myself doing nothing. The house was not cleaned up, the clothes were not washed, and the books to be read were not read. As always, like every cold and summer vacation at school, "it was always the last moment that I did not finish my homework ". I found myself lazy. It seems that I started from the completion of the design, and it seems that I started from NRC, so that I was killed in a very comfortable environment. No boss is forced every day, and no colleagues can communicate with each other. I feel that time is all for myself. So it is very easy and relaxed. It takes a lot of time to do nothing, visit the Forum, read the news, and chat about QQ ......

From the beginning to the end of the project, to the end of the project, to start looking for a job, to find a job, to start work ....

How can this life be !!!

Lying on the sofa suddenly finds that the days have passed for almost a year, and then it's time to shake it down.

Suddenly I couldn't lie down any more, and suddenly I felt sorry for the time that passed away. Suddenly I found that I was about to change.


It may be a little difficult to change, so we should start from 1.1 drops.

Make daily life regular and regulate things neatly

Concentrate on learning more things every day, instead of wasting your time.

Review yourself every day and summarize your daily life


For example, when I was in my sophomore year, I began to fold quilts every day and start from small things to make my life on the right track.


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