How can Taobao sellers issue V tasks to Taobao experts and issue V task strategies to Taobao experts?

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Sellers and friends should all look for Taobao experts to help promote the store, and some may even spend a lot of money to send the V task to Taobao experts, the V tasks of 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 500 yuan, or even thousands of yuan have been completed, but most of them may be completely lost. Only a small part of the promotion has an effect. Why? This is a technical issue. I have been a Taobao expert in Kaitao for a long time. I have summed up some experiences. Today I will share with you how Taobao sellers can issue V tasks to Taobao experts!

How does a Taobao seller send a V task to a Taobao professional?
The procedure is as follows:
1. First, sellers should pay attention to Taobao talents in their own field. For example, if you are selling women's clothes, you should pay attention to the micro-Taobao of experts from fashion women's matching division, for example, if you want to open the Weitao homepage of "Miss Taobao" on your mobile phone in Taobao, as shown in the figure:
2. After paying attention to the Weitao of "Miss Taobao", after you open Weitao's attention next time, all the mandatory lists and posts published by "Miss Taobao" will appear on the follow-up channel, as shown in the following figure:
You can take out your cell phone and follow the steps to see if this is the case ?!
3. Then, when you click a list or post published by "Miss Yan", note: the title of the key point is at the bottom of the list or post, there will be three related lists or post links, as shown in the figure below:
This is the bottom of a list, and the link to the three lists appears.
These three messages will appear at the bottom of most posts and lists. Only the links of other posts appear below some posts. That is to say, the traffic of these three messages will be very large, some people may not believe this. We can go back to Weitao's follow-up channel and find the "summer, show your legs" list to see if the traffic is different. As shown in the following figure:
Through the figure above, we can see that the majority of traffic in the list published by Miss Yan is around 1000, and the reading volume of this information is 21 thousand, and the traffic is still increasing, similarly, the traffic of the other two messages is close to tens of thousands of traffic, which is generally 5-10 times higher than that of other lists.
Therefore, if the seller is looking for Taobao talents for promotion, he cannot seek out without any purpose. He should first follow the above method and observe the links at the bottom of the post. If his traffic continues to grow, then, you can send a V task to this person, and then get in touch with the person, asking the person to add your product to the list or post shown at the bottom, the effect will certainly be more effective than you blindly send V tasks to Taobao talents.

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