How can the motherboard and the processor be compatible?

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Users need to assemble a computer, the first need to build a set of suitable for their own computer configuration, if the configuration is not suitable for their own affirmation is not, for example, they like to play a large game, and configure the performance of the game is not strong, large games will play up to compare cards, so want to play

Computer configuration is not difficult to build, as long as the computer hardware with each other to ensure compatibility between the hardware, which is a qualified computer configuration, the most important is the compatibility between the motherboard and the processor, the novice may not know how to ensure the motherboard and processor compatibility, below to illustrate.

If we choose the Intel Core i5 3470 processor to build the configuration, let us see what motherboards can be compatible, generally as long as the CPU slot type and the motherboard on the CPU slot is compatible, Core i5 3470 of this CPU slot type is LGA 1155, so you can choose the CPU slot for LGA 1155 motherboard to match, such as MSI ZH77A-G43 Motherboard CPU interface is LGA 1155.

There are a number of motherboards that currently support the LGA 1155 socket type processor, and the CPU slots for H61, B75, z77, H77 chipset boards are LGA 1155.

In the same way, no matter what type of processor, choose a compatible motherboard to see if the motherboard's CPU interface is correct. However, we need to remind you that the interface is consistent, only to ensure compatibility between the CPU and the motherboard, that is, can use, no error. We build a reasonable computer configuration, we also need to consider the processor and motherboard performance is not match, the price is not reasonable, and so on factors need to be taken into account.

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