How can we scientifically describe the symptoms of a cold?

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When you are in good health, you always feel that there are many unsatisfactory things and you are not satisfied with the current situation of work, life, and communication: There is no happiness in your life.

A cold is a minor illness, but it is very uncomfortable to attack. It is difficult to accurately describe the specific symptoms every time you go to the doctor. Today, I caught a cold again. The reason why I say it again is that since I graduated, I have caught a cold twice a year, and each of them is extremely uncomfortable. Try to describe the symptoms of a cold today.

In terms of body parts, the head, specifically from all the heads above the eyebrows, is very low, it seems that the cement is poured into the solid; the eyes seem to be in fire, the eyelids are very heavy and it seems that they cannot be picked up. Open your eyes. The nose is full of thick nose and airtight. The outgoing gas seems to be burning and hot! Sore back!

Hope you can get better quickly, hope you never catch a cold, hope your loved ones will always be healthy, hope all people in the world are happy!

Is the evolution of the survival of the fittest inevitable? If so, wouldn't it mean that you can sacrifice others' interests to fulfill yourself? I really hope that the world will always be peaceful and live together, with less intrigue and greater peace and happiness.


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