How can Xiaomi cell phones reduce power consumption? Tips on cell phone power saving

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I believe all users who have used big screen smartphones know that big screen smartphones consume a lot of power. So how can Xiaomi phones save power for users who like Xiaomi phones? Now let's take a look at the power-saving strategy of Xiaomi mobile phones.

How can Xiaomi cell phones reduce power consumption?

Power consumption reason search

Choose "Settings"> "system"> "power"> "power monitoring"> "power usage".

Here we can clearly see those applications that consume a lot of power. The figure above (baidu search) shows the power consumption details during the use of mobile phones.

Some are system power consumption, which cannot be optimized. To save power, you can only use other methods.


4.0 inch screen brightness adjustment: an intuitive power-saving method is to reduce the brightness of the display. Adjust the brightness of the phone to a minimum without affecting usage.

The picture further adjusts the brightness function, as shown in the figure. The power saving effect is better, and the screen is disabled at any time without using the mobile phone.

How can Xiaomi cell phones reduce power consumption?

Features such as WLAN, data, GPS, Bluetooth, and even rotation are often disabled because Xiaomi's "notification bar (or" pull up menu ")" is easy to operate, therefore, you can enable the function at any time when using the corresponding function. We recommend that you disable this function for power saving and radiation reduction.

How can Xiaomi cell phones reduce power consumption?

Reduce the number of programs run by Xiaomi: Method 1: press the HOME keyboard for a long time and clear the task with one click. We recommend that you do not perform this operation too frequently, which can be done once an hour.

Method 2: There are a lot of self-starting programs on the Android system Xiaomi. I am used to using the computer. I can see that many programs reside and start independently. Of course, this will also cause CPU power consumption, if you use "set" to reduce the number of programs each time, it is too troublesome. We recommend that you install a startup management software to reduce the number of programs to be started. Note that the system must not prohibit the program.

After the mobile phone is in flight mode, it is shut down: Many people will mention this flight mode problem when using the mobile phone. I personally think that to save power and safety, we should first adjust it to flight mode before shutting down the mobile phone, the advantage is that it saves power and reduces radiation. Although it is troublesome, I still think it is worth doing.

How can Xiaomi cell phones reduce power consumption?

Power-saving data description:

Standby status: no flight mode is used, which consumes 2-4% of the power in 8 hours;

In flight mode, 2% of the power is consumed in nine hours.

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