How data is restored after the hard drive is formatted

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Format the hard disk this operation for everyone is not unfamiliar. When you need to format the hard disk, you must remember that all your important files have been backed up, or the format after the face of data loss such serious consequences. If you do not have a valid backup, is there a chance to recover the data after the hard drive is formatted?
First of all, let's look at what formatting is. Formatting is an operation that initializes a partition (partition) on a disk or disk, which typically causes all files in an existing disk or partition to be purged.
So why do we format the hard drive? The hard disk must be partitioned before it can be used, and after the disk is partitioned, the next step is to format the hard disk, which must be formatted for use. The formatting we usually do is advanced formatting and does not cause damage to the hard drive. It is not possible to manually delete all the files on the hard disk, such as the operating system, Registry Editor content, plugins installed by some applications, and programs that are running in the background, and therefore need to be formatted. When the hard disk format, people generally think of the first time is to restore the data on the hard disk, but because of the knowledge of data recovery is not understood, and blind operation on the mobile hard disk caused two times the data destruction, often this behavior will cause the data in the mobile hard disk can be completely unrecoverable. So, now teach you a simple and safe way.
Because in practice, repartitioning and fast formatting, fast and low formatting, does not actually erase data from the data area of the physical sector. repartitioning or quick formatting simply reconstructs new partition table and sector information without affecting the physical presence of the original data in the sector until new data is overwritten. And fast low format, is using DM software to quickly rewrite disk surface, head, cylinder, sector and other initialization information, still do not erase the data from the original sector. It is therefore possible to use the data recovery software "top data Recovery Software" to easily get back the data that was mistakenly deleted or formatted incorrectly. After the drive has been mistakenly partitioned or formatted, it can be recovered using the data recovery tool. However, it is important to note that when you are ready to use the recovery software, you cannot install these recovery tools directly on the computer, because the installation of the software may just overwrite the file as it is, if you do not find the missing data by the above method.
If your data is extremely important, it is recommended to consult the technical customer service at the Shanghai Day Shield Data Recovery Center to provide full-day consulting services and professional data recovery services. Data Recovery manual service is more expensive than data recovery software, but has higher security and a 100% recovery success rate.

How to restore the data after the hard disk is formatted

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