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As a new car owner, especially the car owner who is about to have the first car in his life, he is often hesitant to buy automatic or manual vehicles. Today, we will discuss this issue, I also hope to give a reference to the prospective car owner.

As a new car owner, especially the car owner who is about to have the first car in his life, he will often hesitate between purchasing automatic or manual vehicles, causing headaches. Is it true that automatic transmission or manual transmission is good? Which car is more suitable for you?

First, let's hear how a sx4 car owner saw this problem? He thinks automatic files are the best choice, and his arguments are interesting. Let's take a look!

Manually or automatically buy a car? Let's talk about my real insights.

I personally think this question is very simple, and many people cannot figure it out. In this case, I will talk about my views. My opinion is one: Select automatic!

Yes, it's a pretty good deal of automation! Although sx4's four-step automatic mode is not as good as the five-step automatic mode of the civic domain, it is worse than that of the flying CVT without variable speed, and it is worse than that of PASSAT's five-step automatic mode, it is more inferior to Polo's six-step mobile integration, but also worse than Golf GTI and Audi TT's DSG, and worse than Bugatti's seven-step tiptronic automation, but it is indeed automatic. Please note! It is not manual, it is automatic, it is the same as the four automatic!

What is automatic? Automatic is to let you always give away with peace of mind, automatic is to let you directly look at the road ahead, just choose to step on the accelerator and brake, automatic means that when you answer your phone with one hand, you will never shift without one hand (or too bad habit ), automatic means that your wife and family can go up and run, and automatic means that you don't have to shift for a busy day, automatic means that even if your left leg is injured, you can still drive to the hospital for treatment (one of my colleagues had to drive to the hospital after the left leg was hurt ), automatic is to prevent your right hand from getting tired and tired due to the constant shift in traffic jams or traffic lights in big cities. In short, automatic is synonymous with comfort ......

Of course, you may also choose to manually solve such problems:

Manual shift school viewpoint 1: speed up the manual shift.

Counterargument:If you are a racing driver or fans with an avid head character D, if you are eager to stay on the bustling Road and stay out of the car, keep hitting the accelerator, and keep high-speed and drifting, even if you are not afraid of power wires, you have a good reason not to choose Automatic Transmission. On the contrary, automatic transmission will be fine.

Manual drive 2: Drive fun.

Counterargument:What is fun driving? Later, I finally understood that the so-called pleasure lies in "tossing", which refers to the "squeaking" of the gearbox and the changing of the gears, the reason is that when the red light turns green on a large slope, the system can suddenly start and never slide (it's really fun to say that the automatic transmission never slide the slope !) So I wondered, man, how tired is it?

Manual Transmission viewpoint 3: manual transmission cannot be started after automatic synchronization.

Counterargument:I don't understand why I need to enable it manually in the future? It seems that I am not comfortable living in the dormitory after I have stayed in the villa, but the question is, why should I go back to live? Why should I change my manual files later? Some people said that this was their first car. If it was automatically enabled at the beginning, it would not be able to be used manually in the future. In fact, I think the first car should be automatic. Why? Because driving is not as simple as not to stop or not to slide the slope, the real difficulty of driving is to deal with road accidents, is to move the car to stop in a small space, at this time, it is easy for a newbie to Start manual files, but it is even more prone to accidents. To start automatic files, you only need to concentrate on the direction and the accelerator, therefore, the accident rate of automatic vehicles is much lower. It doesn't matter even if you have to change the manual file in the future, because you have a certain degree of control over the handling of emergencies. At this time, you only need to know not to turn off the fire. Everything is simple. So for your safety, the first car is automatically correct, but I still decided that it will not be changed in my life.

Manual Shift viewpoint 4: Automatic Shift cars are fuel-consuming.

Counterargument:For veterans, automation is indeed more fuel-consuming than manual operations, but for new users, I don't think so! Here we have a few new drivers who have bought manual drivers without manual fuel saving, but with their own driving technology, they are still more fuel-consuming than I did, so Mr. Wei actually drove to kilometers! However, my automatic third-compartment tianyao, it is no problem for me to set up a normal road surface to around 7l. The city can only reach 8l at most, and it is only 6l to run a suburban road that is a little farther away, can you automatically consume oil ??

Manual Transmission viewpoint 5: cars of the same brand are generally about more expensive than manual vehicles.

Counterargument:This is a real problem, but it is expensive, technical, and easy for years to come. Since I have spent so much money to buy a car, why don't I spend more time on it? If it is not because it is better, why is it expensive?

Manual Shift viewpoint 6: I won't be able to open it if I borrow someone else's manual shift.

Counterargument:Alas! Is it really highly likely to borrow another person's car after I buy my own car? At the same time, is it highly likely that I have a car but want to borrow a car and I have to borrow a manual one? Is there a high probability that I have to borrow a car but not borrow it ...... If you think it is very high, I did not say it was good, at least I did not borrow it once a year or two.

Manual Transmission viewpoint 7: automatic vehicles are prone to problems.

Counterargument:I don't know who said this theory. At present, the automatic file technology is very mature, and the automatic file is automatically adjusted by the machine after the automatic file is mounted. I think this should be lower than the manual file to break off the failure rate?

Manual Shift viewpoint 8: Men Have To Start manual shift, and manual shift appears male.

Counterargument:I'm speechless ...... Do men suffer? Why? Alas.

In short, I chose automatic files. One of my students in Australia told me that they had more than 80 of the cars in their automatic archive, and few people were willing to start the manual archive. Foreigners are much more advanced in technology than China, but people are more lazy than us. I feel like the Chinese are so hardworking, isn't it?

My dad is an old driver and has been driving for more than 30 years. In the past, when I was driving a car to the army's leaders in the army, the technology was one of the best. For more than 30 years, there was never a small accident. He said that there was no difference between automatic and manual operations. But he also said that if he has the opportunity to change his car in the future, he should buy an automatic file. When he said this, he smiled: "when a person is in a grade, he wants to be a little lazy. Later, when I bought a car, he tried his best to let me buy an automatic file. To be honest, at the beginning, I decided to change my manual file. I also thought about it like this, but I finally bought an automatic shift from my dad's words. After such a long time, I realized that I had never regretted buying an automatic transmission. Of course, this is my family's words. If my classmates have other ideas, I can't do anything, because people have their own aspirations, but this is my sincere opinion.

In fact, the PK of MT and at has never stopped since the birth of automatic transmission, and many consumers are also "automatic transmission or manual transmission" when selecting a car. To address this problem, we make a comprehensive comparison between automatic and manual transmission, so that consumers can have a clear understanding of the purchase and use.

Price and repair cost

Compared with automatic transmission, manual transmission is cheaper and has lower fuel consumption.

In the current automotive market, the prices for manual and automatic transmission vary by 10 thousand ~ Between 20 thousand RMB. It is understood that the manual transmission structure is relatively simple, easy to manufacture, repair and low cost; the structure of the automatic transmission is relatively complex, the manufacturing cost is high, the maintenance difficulty and cost is also great.

But in actual use, because the automatic transmission is less manual operation, the probability of failure is also small, generally, the automatic transmission only needs to change the gearbox oil on a regular basis; and the manual transmission, in addition to regular replacement of the gearbox oil, the clutch plate needs to be replaced according to the wear condition. Therefore, for a long period of time, the number of manual transmission repairs and costs are not low.

Safety and fuel-saving

To talk about which transmission is more fuel-saving, we should first look at how the two transmission cars are fuel-saving. Without an empty block, the efficiency of manual transmission is slightly higher than that of automatic transmission, and the engine speed at the same speed is slightly lower, which can save a lot of oil, the main fuel-saving method is that when the manual transmission uses an empty block to slide, the engine runs only at idle speed. However, the automatic transmission cannot use an empty block to drive at a higher speed than the idle speed, thus, the fuel consumption is different.

But in terms of security, dry-shift taxi is a very dangerous way of driving. Manual neutral sliding saves oil, but the car loses power, especially when steering, it may lead to risks such as insufficient steering and tail swiping. If the engine is turned off at idle speed, this will cause the car to lose the power of steering and brakes, which increases the security risks during driving. Because automatic cars do not support empty driving, they will always maintain power throughout the trip, in this way, driving is safer.

Manual, automatic, and dual modes which is better?

1. If you are an economic enthusiast or a racing enthusiast who likes the roar of the engine speed table pointer hovering near the Red Area of the 6500 RPM engine or a "awesome" car, that is not a manual transmission.

2. If you are a gentle gentleman or lady, you will enjoy easy driving. Then, you can select a desired automatic car to savor the comfort and ease.

3. If your "car" is driven by your lover, couple, or relatives and friends in addition to you. The economic conditions allow you to make a small sacrifice to make more people satisfied, then the dual-mode transmission will be no regrets.

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