How do Excel tables quickly shrink to print on one page?

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When we work with tables, we often need to narrow down the Excle table to print on one page. At this time, we would like to adjust the spacing of the table to set, but, often very troublesome, then there is no simple way? The following small series for everyone to introduce, a look at it!


1, open the table to be operated

2, click on the menu bar in the "Print Preview" icon,

3, pop-up "Print Preview" dialog box

4, click the "page-splitting Preview" button

5, eject the following interface, click "OK"

6. Hold down the blue dotted line in the page and drag on the edge of the page

7, until you are dragged to the page area you need

8, now we have completed the rapid reduction of the print form

The above is how to quickly reduce the Excel table to a page on the printing method introduction, hope to help everyone!

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