How do I choose the framework?

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Now the open source world has become more and more popular, software development is more and more simple.

Generally speaking, only need to select several open source framework, and then combine the characteristics of their business, integration, you can quickly become a platform.

So, how to choose a good technical framework?

As we all know, the choice of a technical framework, most of which is run as the bottom of the platform, once used, there is basically no replacement possible.

If the selected frame has some unforeseen defects, the more the later, the more throat, not spit out, swallow.

Many students may think this is too much to say, but I think that when a pursuit of the programmer, in the face of this situation, it is precisely this feeling ....

Next, let's talk about how to choose a good framework.

First of all, I think a good framework should have a prominent performance in the following features:


All programmers have encountered a requirement that you cannot understand and cannot tolerate! These in the development of Sagong, if you choose the framework does not have a strong extensibility, the latter need a variety of hardcode to solve the problem, when the hardcode more and more, directly lead to your platform is not fish and fish, then is the endless "technical debt."

Just the sea of programmers may not understand, any kind of experienced developers, are very able to understand this "technical debt", the direct performance is: The platform does not add any new features, bugs or a few years to repair!

Functional performance

A framework must have at least the functionality it has. How to define what to have? In the face of the overwhelming majority of demand, can be satisfied. and special requirements, combined with its extensibility can also be achieved.

Ease of Use

Things that are hard to use are slowly being discarded by us ... This is not limited to the world of technology, we all know.

Previously Struts2 of high scalability plus powerful features, the success of SSH's fame, and struts the use of difficulty, I have deep experience.

After Springmvc turned out, lightweight, simplistic conquered all programmers! Each big platform is filled with SPRINGMVC figure, if your impression still stay in ssh, explain you should make up a lesson.


Everyone has the Savior complex, thought can save the people at any time in the fire and fire, but often need us to do, we are powerless.

In the technical world, this kind of complex, especially, each technology will be boasted as the end of XX, XX standard framework, XX technical specifications, XX widely supported ...

These programmers have no resistance to the words filled in your ears, so you can't stop!

how can you be too addictive? take a look at these words: pink Seduction, lace, uniform, young woman ...

Often at this time, you must be aware of the programmer to remember: by the popular choice, is the future.

Once the technical framework is qualitative, never agree back! The popular choice, at least to prove its value, in turn, if the way forward, without the support of the general public, it is a hell of a trip!

If you still think you are the Savior, choose the framework of the savior, and you really have the right!!! Well, good luck to you.


This is one with the epidemic, and once the public chooses, the community it belongs to must be active.

When the community is active, the framework of bugs, defects will be exposed in the eyes of Virgo, there are many Virgo, even if the framework is not updated, but also afraid of no plug-in to make up?

Update frequency

The update frequency of frames directly affects the community, and the community and epidemic are closely related.

Update frequency more represents the resolution of the bug, add new features of the hard indicators, perhaps you are still struggling with the problem today, the official has been standard function tomorrow?

The technology world is changing, and the old doesn't necessarily mean it's outdated, but it certainly won't lead the trend. I don't think you'll believe it. The last JSF update in 2011 is really going to lead the Java Web to a component era!

Moreover, many developers in the selection framework, see the last update is 2011, it is difficult to mention interest, I am this!!

According to the above characteristics, compared to the similar frame you want to choose, I believe you will soon find your favorite.

However, many developers will ask: scalability, functionality, ease of use of these indicators, in the selection, it is impossible to understand in depth, how to do?

Quote from the previous article:

A framework, I think most of the most important is community sex and update speed!

According to these two articles, you can determine the majority of the framework, do not believe, we compare to see!

web frame [ springmvc [ struts [ jsf ]     => SPRINGMVC

You can see for yourself how often maven is updated and I won't go.

JSON frame [Jackson] [fastjson] = Jackson

This is called the world's fastest Fastjson, update is very slow. Also really pits me once, cannot arbitrarily define the time format, the pit cries!

cmd Framework [requestjs ] [seajs] =>requirejs

This is known as [concise elegance] [obviously no bug] seajs, unexpectedly there is no plug-in, the so-called community is just Baidu top 10, a variety of contrast Requirejs article. Well, I've been through it too! I admit, I have no resistance to some words!

More, do not give an example, it is recommended to look directly at Maven update history, I do not believe, a no-use framework, but also to maintain a month update.

How do I choose the framework?

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