How do I encrypt a win8.1/win10 folder?

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How do I encrypt a win8.1/win10 folder?


Small series on the name of their own folder to do the demonstration

First, create a new text document

Enter the following exactly when opened


@ECHO off

Title Folder Private


If not EXIST Private goto Mdlock


Echo, are you sure you want to encrypt the hidden private folder? (y/n)

set/p "Cho=>"

If%cho%==y goto LOCK

If%cho%==y goto LOCK

If%cho%==n Goto end

If%cho%==n Goto end

echo Invalid choice.



ren Private "HTG Lock"

attrib +h +s "HTG Lock"

Echo Folder Locked

Goto END


Echo enters a password to unlock the folder

set/p "Pass=>"

If not%pass%== this setting password goto FAIL

Attrib-h-S "HTG Lock"

ren "HTG Lock" Private

Echo Folder Unlocked successfully

Goto END


echo Invalid Password

Goto END

: Mdlock

MD Private

Echo Private created successfully

Goto END

: End

"Set password Here" can be replaced by the password you want to set, pay attention to do not delete the space, when finished remember to save

Let's rename the file you just edited and rename it to Lock.bat.

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