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Now, for any kind of web development, the response web design can no longer be confined to the armchair, which is a key step in the development phase. As designers and developers, we must understand the importance of effective response design and its role in ensuring a good end-user experience.

As the web progresses toward the mobile end, responsiveness is now essential for the site. Many people have not been able to seize the opportunity to adapt to the trend when mobile users rise, so it is difficult to ensure that the site's experience with mobile devices is fluent.

We have to admit that mobile devices have radically changed the way we use the web. A survey conducted in 2013 showed that as many as 73 of users browse the network via mobile devices, so a normal, easy-to-use response web design can be said to be essential.

Responsive web design Now is not even the trend, but should be taken for granted. But there are still a lot of flaws that may make the experience less comfortable, and that's why we have to explore several ways and trends today to help you achieve the perfect experience.

  Intuitive and ease of use

In the use of mobile devices, messy, complex or not intuitive design caused by the poor user experience of the general user is not patient, which is not good for both sides. Designers and developers must keep in mind that in a mobile web environment, power is a key factor, long response times coupled with a messy interface coupled with an unresponsive mobile device (although the latest mobile devices are generally very power, However, if you run 10 games at the same time and open the chat software and the other network is not good enough to ensure that the "general" web experience, so intuitive has a very important role.

Intuitive does not mean that the blank, ugly or disorderly, it refers to whether the simple or advanced design must be simple and easy to use, at a glance know what to do. Each interaction must have a clear purpose, must come to the point, all useless or less important operations should not appear in the normal response environment.

  Comparison of general experience and response experience

When programming a mobile device, be aware of the difference between the general browsing experience and the mobile side browsing experience. Web sites for mobile devices should be thumbnail summaries of large web sites and should not contain unimportant or "second-class" operations to avoid the main use of your site being obliterated. A good mobile experience should not make you feel like a website visited in peace, it should adopt a tailored graphic. It should focus on the user's idea of why users should use your site on a mobile device, what the ultimate purpose is, and so on. This will allow you to develop a series of different usage scenarios in a logical order in a step-by-step manner.

Given the special needs of mobile users when using your site, you need to provide them with efficient data entry and graphics browsing.

  Share and apply data

When a/B testing service is pushed to the public, each site has the opportunity to open the door to a perfect website by understanding user behavior without direct interaction. Now, we need to apply this same set of principles to a more mobile-focused web. In this regard, Google Analytics Mobile reports and many other tools can help. By analyzing the data provided by GA, the usability of the Web site can be tested and further understood. The data provided by GA is not limited to the device data used by visitors to the website, but also tells you the screen resolution of the devices used by the audience and the common browsers and so on. Google Analytics This handy and free feature to help you better understand regular users and their behavior.

Getting more data will make it easier for you to create a smoother experience, because your goal is not a generic, unknown audience, but a specific audience. More data will make you more targeted, making it easier to meet the full needs of end users.

  Consider specific circumstances

Having data can be a big help in most cases, allowing you to be more targeted in meeting your audience needs to create a near-perfect experience for mobile users. There are a variety of ways to look for targeted users, but when looking for a specific audience, we can't be too broad, because each small group has its own unique needs and requirements.

  Electronic commerce:

A responsive e-commerce site may be the most focused and laborious type, because the experience of such a website will directly affect the revenue and success of the store. No doubt, mobile end of e-commerce for all shops or retailers are not allowed to miss the opportunity, according to statistics, 2013 mobile users in this respect consumption of up to 14 billion U.S. dollars.

Considering that the mobile end shopper differs from the average online buyer, there are several pertinent techniques for e-commerce responsive web design. Here are a few things you need to consider:

· In view of the nature of mobile e-commerce, Impulse shopping is its unique characteristics . It is more likely to trigger impulsive shopping on a small screen than a traditional desktop computer.

· Random Shopping is no longer a part of the mobile end . A smooth and Easy-to-use platform allows users to easily click a few clicks to see the product, that is, users will not be in different shops at random stroll around. There is a high likelihood that sales will increase. On a small screen of only 5 inches, there is no room and no time for users to compare goods and prices.

· The user's decision is the key to your survival . You can start a variety of marketing programs, play psychological skills to encourage buyers to buy your products, but do not forget that no matter what you do, the fundamental purpose is to facilitate the user's decision. Analysis, decision, implementation, but everything can not forget the user experience and user behavior.

  Response mode

Given the characteristics of responsive design, this type of Web site is typically built on a grid system, or in the form of aggregated content. Because of the different requirements, different sites vary greatly, but most of the Web site design patterns can be categorized into the following: Most of the content flow display, vertical display, layout filter, miniature and display outside the screen. These are the main layout design categories, but you can also fine-tune some of the modules in your design.

Considering that mobile devices handle forms, graphics, videos, and similar media files or formats differently, you should specifically analyze them for specific situations. Here are a few tools resources to help you deal with the process easily.


  Apptimize (mobile end A/b test)

Apptimize can provide powerful analytics tools as the best solution for full mobile end/A/B testing, which can be tested on iOS and Android platforms, with a free demo program available.

  Response Architecture Model:

Here are several online tools that you can use to create models for a Web site schema under different screen sizes. These models, while convenient, do not rely too much on them because they do not provide accurate device response.


  Response Design test:

  Responsive Test

  Response Web Building tools:

These tools are slightly different from the above, because the purpose of the Web site Building tool is to turn Photoshop design into a complete, work-responsive web template. You can use the following products to quickly start a responsive design and create a high-fidelity prototype with a media query breakpoint and a precise CSS layout.


  Adobe reflow:


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