How do I learn about web standards in a step-by-step way?

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Web|web standard Many classic forum pages of the standardized version of the friends ask this question, I think everyone just contact the Web standards people will ask such a question, I will be based on their own experience summary.

Step 1. Do not use the tools such as DW design Web pages, to familiarize yourself with (X) HTML and CSS languages

Because the requirements of the Web standards for the code increased, there is no knowledge of XHTML code is not able to pass the school test. DW tools can also be used, but look at the code to write the page.
First is the XHTML code, not a lot, know how they use, how to write correctly, and remember to close tag. such as
. It is recommended to look at some HTML reference manuals, after all, XHTML is upgraded from HTML, and many tags continue to be used.

Step 2. Establish a standardized statement (DOCTYPE) and head

Previous web pages, and even large portals, have not even a statement, just all you have to do now is to add a statement to your page, standardize the head area, let search engines and like your site.
Recommended Writing

for search engines

Brief introduction to


Page Title

Step 3. Learn div with CSS for Web page layout

with CSS for your page layout, and do not use table, such a lot of articles, examples are many, div layout benefits A lot of promotions a few practical:
1. Small code redundancy, the Web page to open faster.
2. The structure and performance of the separation, you can only change your layout through CSS, and the information is unchanged, so maintenance and upgrade costs reduced.

Step 4. Learn Web standards theory, semantic, CSS, structure and presentation separation ideas

The Web Standard is only to achieve, tag semantics, structure and performance separation, Web site localization to the internationalization of excessive, backward compatibility and device-independent, so that your Web page on the Internet unimpeded.
This stage, you've been able to use CSS to lay out your Web pages, create pages that can be checked by the Web, and you can learn what is the website standard, the framework and role of web standards, the ideas and advantages of separation of structure and performance, the deeper theories of CSS, the semantics of XHTML tag, the affinity theory, Cross-platform to make your Web page fit for a variety of browsers and multiple devices.

Step 5. Use Web standards to make Web pages, build your own Web Standard code specifications, and improve development efficiency

Web standards are still in the promotion, there is no mature model, after all, the need for handwritten code, you can then according to their own experience to improve the efficiency of their development methods, you can put some commonly used code snippets, custom CSS naming, And some reusable functional modules for code editing to improve the reusability of the code!

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