How do i make GIF images online?

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Recently wanted to make a GIF online production site, so the study of ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick make GIF pictures
The station has been made: interested friends can first see



Installing ImageMagick

The following is the core process of making GIF, share to everyone, want to like.
@apt-get Install ImageMagick
Convert +profile ""out/Test.gif
@+profile "*": Image does not store EXIF information, must be used, otherwise generate pictures too large
convert-colors +profile ""out/Test.gif
@-colors Number of colors: Set the number of colors used in the image, if it is generated PNG or GIF pictures should specify this parameter
Note: The picture starts to become smaller
convert-resize 200x200-colors +profile ""out/Test.gif
@-resize width x Height!: Change the size, if using an exclamation point, indicating that the visual scale is not retained, forcibly changing the size to match the given width and height, if only a width or height is given, such as "width X" or "X high" (The effect of "X high" and "width × height" is the same), Change the dimensions proportionally to the known parameters
convert-rotate test1.gif heh.gif
@ Rotate 90 degrees
convert-fill white-pointsize 24-draw "text 10,15 ' '" Heh.gif hh.gif
@ watermark The picture, white, text coordinates in: 10x50 position

Installing GraphicsMagick

@apt-get Install GraphicsMagick
How to use @GraphicsMagick image processing System
GM Identify Test.gif
@ Show image file Details
GM Montage-mode Concatenate-tile 3x1 Concatenated.jpg
@ Three images and a pair of images
GM convert 2.png 2.gpg
@ format Conversion
GM convert-density 288-geometry 25% 2.gpg 3.jpg
reduced to the original 1/4, and DPI to 288
GM Convert "image.gif[0]" First.gif
@ Extract first frame from GIF file
GM Convert-delay 00*.jpg j.gif
@ every time delay 20 wonderful play GIF
GM Convert-loop frame*.gif animation.gif
@ Let the animation Loop 50 times
GM convert input.jpg-resize "500x500>" Output_1.jpg
@ Plus, it means that only when the width and height of the picture is greater than the given width and height, the "Zoom Out" operation, if not added, will cause the picture to be magnified.
GM convert Input.jpg-thumbnail "100x100" Output_1.jpg
@ equal ratio (disadvantage: produce white edge)
GM convert Input.jpg-thumbnail "100x100!" Output_2.jpg
@ non-equal ratio thumbnail, thumbnail by given parameter (disadvantage: aspect ratio will vary)
GM convert Input.jpg-thumbnail "100x100"-background gray-gravity center-extent 100x100 output_4.jpg
@ generated picture size is: 100x100, also guaranteed proportions, while not any of the picture cropping, the missing part is filled by the specified color
GM convert-colorspace RGB 2.png 22.png
@ Bit Depth 32 to 24, after the turn, the color of the picture will change slightly
no additional information is stored in the ImageMagick using +profile "*" in the deleted picture.
Jmagick, using the Profileimage ("*", null) method on the Magickimage class, deleting the picture does not store additional information.
use-quality to control the quality of pictures in ImageMagick,
Jmagick, use the Setquality (80) method on the Imageinfo class to control the quality of the picture

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How do i make GIF images online?

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