How do I modify the system default browser?

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Each friend has a favorite and accustomed to use the browser, and in QQ, when friends send us a paragraph contains the message of the Web site, with the mouse directly click Open is often not our favorite browser, but QQ with the TT browser, to many users brought inconvenience. How can I avoid TT and use our designated browser to open the link?

For example: Tools, TT options, under the "Default browser settings" click "tt", OK on the line

This is in the open IE browser, it will ask you if it is not the default browser, whether to change back. Choose not to prompt later, then click No will become

One, designated as IE browser

If you only like the system's own Internet Explorer, just use the following method to set it as the default browser:

Open the IE Explorer main window, click tools → Internet options, select the Programs tab in the Open window, and then check whether Internet Explorer is the default browser, and then click OK, so that the next time you open IE browser, The system will automatically check and prompt you to set it. However, if you have installed in your system such as TT, Maxthon, such as the use of IE kernel browser, this trick will not be effective. However, I suggest you use the Internet Assistant (Download address:, download and install the Internet Assistant, open IE Browser, and then click the Address bar in the "repair" → "ie repair experts", Select the One-button repair tab in the Open Repair Specialist window, and then click the Repair Now button. In this way, IE browser will automatically become the default browser.

Second, the designation is not IE browser

If you do not like to use IE browser, but like Third-party browsers, such as Maxthon, Firefox, opera, etc., we simply find the relevant settings in these browsers, set it to the system's default browser.

1.Maxthon Browser

Open the Maxthon Browser main window, click options → Maxthon options, click the General item in the Open window, select the Startup tab in the right window, click the Set Maxthon as default Browser button, and then click OK.

2.Firefox Browser

Open the main Firefox browser window, and then click tools → options, click the basic information item in the Open window, click the Check Now button in the right window, and click Yes in the Open Default Browser dialog box. To allow Firefox to automatically check the default browser each time it starts, it is recommended to check that Firefox is set as the default browser at startup.

3.Opera Browser

Open Opera Browser main window, then click file → preferences, select Default application in the Open Settings window, and then in the right window, check if opera is the default browser at startup, and then click OK, and when you open opera next time, The program automatically detects whether opera is the default browser. If not, the prompt window will pop up to set you up.

After some treatment, we can get rid of the inconvenience caused by TT.

Warm tip: If you use the browser is not listed above, you can also follow the above ideas, in the corresponding browser to find the appropriate options, set as the default browser can be.

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