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Since 2011, Google launched a fierce operation of the bidding account K action, I have already hung 2 accounts, in order not to waste my time, I decided to temporarily do not consider Google bid. This time I have to consider the conversion of the bidding camp, we can not Google can not do, just a tree hanging dead?

After a certain consideration, I chose the Soso bid, the choice of Soso bidding for two reasons. The first is because I heard that most of the Soso bid imitation of Google bid, I am more familiar with Google bidding, want to be able to quickly start Soso bidding; the second is that the Soso index gives the data looks good.

So, after making the auction page, looking for Soso agents to open an account, and then officially began my Soso bidding, and after one months of bidding work, which experienced a few ups and downs, I finally succeeded in all the keywords are optimized to a quality score of more than 9, Today will be summed up the experience of this period of time to share with you. The so-called no diagram without the truth, I will first post the results of the optimization to show you.

The effect is also OK, not too bad not?

Well, no ink, now to share the optimization process of the little bit of it. First of all, we must know, Soso bidding and Google bidding, the quality score is divided into 10 points, the higher the quality score, the more the display number, the lower the price of the word click, ranking the better! Just opened an account, I was on the ad, in line with Google's experience in bidding optimization, the keyword on the high degree of relevance of the grouping , and keep the number of keywords in the following 15, and write a seductive advertising words, through these means, so that the ads on the line after a 6-point quality score.

However, here I have to mention the instability of the Soso bidding platform, in my ad on the third day after the launch, the platform has been a problem, the price does not show, there are some other strange problems, the most direct consequence is that my keyword quality scores have been a lot of the 1 points of the horror of the position, It was a really tangled time, I even called the Tencent headquarters, but ultimately can not give a reasonable explanation, but, in my despair, the miracle occurred, the quality of the score finally recovered to 7, and then after a series of optimization work, and finally the quality of the score stabilized in 9 points position. OK, now summarize the optimization techniques:

1, to group keywords, the requirements of this group is the key words must be highly relevant to the SEO tutorial, for example, with the keyword in a group must be SEO video tutorials, seo tutorials download, seo video tutorials Download, SEO basic tutorials, Wang Tong seo tutorials, seo learning tutorials, seo technology tutorials, SEO free tutorials, web site seo tutorials, seo white hat technology tutorial This includes SEO tutorials this root keyword related keywords, and, the number of keywords can not exceed 15.

2, the writing of the advertisement language,

The slogan must contain keywords, so using wildcards is a good choice, but use wildcard characters must consider the advertising language to fluent, and then, we should try to optimize the advertising language to make it more attractive, the purpose is to attract visitors to click, because the more clicks, click the higher, click the higher, In the eyes of the search engine the role of the advertisement is greater, the more useful, then the search engine will give the ads a higher quality score.

3, the initial advertising, upgrade the keyword bid, if the keyword appears on the left of the ranking price is 1, then, we do not mind 2 or even 3 of the price, why? Because we have to get more shows in this way, more clicks to improve the quality of the keyword score, We call this behavior to pay for quality scores.

4, do the above 3 points, your quality score is basically not too low, and then you through the keyword conversion tool for those high conversion rate of key words to take care of, then, the advertising optimization work will do almost.

This is my Soso bidding optimization summary, feeling and Google bidding optimization really not much different, this article to the end, I hope to other operations Soso bidding friends help. This article First SEO optimization network (, welcome everyone reprint, but reprint please keep the link address, thank you!

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