How do I set up Excel auto wrapping?

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Excel handles the data conveniently everybody knows, can in its cell wraps the line to be slightly inconvenient, I do not know whether you have also encountered this kind of problem? By groping, the following four methods can easily implement the cell within the automatic line wrapping.

1. Enter the data at any time to change line

The user will be able to change lines when entering data, as long as it is easily implemented by Alt+enter key combinations. This method also causes the cells that you have entered to wrap at the cursor.

2. Line wrapping within a range of cells

Converts a long line into a paragraph and wraps the line within the specified range. For example: A10 content is very long, want to show it in column A to C column, step is: Select the area a10:c12 (first select A10), select "edit → fill → content rearrange", A10 content will be distributed in the A10:C12 area. This method is particularly suitable for annotations in tables.

3. Adjust cell formatting for line wrapping

Select the cells, choose format → cells, click Align in the pop-up dialog box, select the Wrap check box, and then click the OK button.

4. Clever Use of text box

Click the View menu, and in the Toolbars command, select the Drawing toolbar, click Text Box on the toolbar, and, to ensure that the bounds of the text box coincide with the worksheet gridlines, hold down the ALT key while you insert the text box, and then you can enter the text box.

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