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Have you ever encountered a DNS error or can be on the QQ but not open the Web page situation? Or is it too slow to open the page? These could be DNS setup errors or no settings, so here's how to troubleshoot DNS errors and how to set up DNS to navigate the web smoothly.

What is DNS?

DNS is the abbreviation for the domain Name System, which consists of a parser and a domain name server. A domain name server is a server that holds the domain name and corresponding IP address of all the hosts in the network and has the ability to convert domain names to IP addresses. Where the domain name must correspond to an IP address, and the IP address does not necessarily have a domain name.

In fact, we usually visit the website, for example, we visit Baidu, then we enter in the browser and then through the network, through the parser and domain name server translation conversion, We have successfully access to this Baidu's real IP address, so from here we can also see that if the DNS error or set the error, then we will not be able to successfully access this page, even if the occasional access to the words are very slow to open very slowly. In this experience, setting up DNS is the IP address of the DNS server.

In general, we do not have to set up DNS, the system by default is in the state of automatic acquisition.

XP Viewing method: Start------Control Panel-----Network connection-------Local Area Connection-----Properties------Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)------Properties we can see the default settings.

Vista View method: Start-----Control Panel------Network and Share Center-----Point the View status-------properties after the local connection--------Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPV4)--------properties and then you can see it.

(This is my own set, so not automatically get the option)

If we find that we are prompted for DNS errors automatically, then we need to manually set the correct DNS address to the system. Select "Use the following DNS server address", and then fill in the address you get is OK, generally we fill in two, a preferred DNS server address, an alternate DNS server address (this can not fill in).

Above my two IP address is Shanghai Telecom's DNS server address, everyone can according to their own location broadband operators of the actual DNS server address settings, if you use the same as me is Shanghai Telecom Broadband, then you can set up and I like. Set it up and then make sure. Then you can rerun your browser to check the effect. General hint DNS error or can only QQ can not access the Web page problem will be resolved (sometimes because of IE problems can not access the Web page problem, we can set the Internet properties of the last page to reset IE).

The above method is good for a friend who is fixed in the Internet in a region, but for some people who travel frequently or often go to different places, such fixed after more trouble, change a province will manually change a DNS address, then I here for you to introduce a small software, named Treewalk, Can achieve native DNS resolution, after downloading double-click will automatically decompression and installation, after installation will automatically set your preferred DNS for,

Then in your computer's service will be more than one Treewalk DNS service, if you want to stop the service, you do the following: Start-----All Programs------treewalk-----Service-----Stop DNS Service can ~ ~ ~ Select the Start DNS service if you want to turn on the service. The software is basically good, that is, when you unplug the network cable or disconnect, there will be a brief system of suspended animation (in fact, in the process of viewing the service is a very high CPU caused by the process, you can end it and return to normal)

p.s. Partial killing of soft may kill some of its files under the installation directory, so the software is only recommended for use by veteran computers.

Finally, I recommend a simple and easy to use small software, can help you quickly set up the appropriate network environment for your current DNS server address. The software is called the comet DNS optimizer (Fast DNS). This is green software, do not install, directly on the hard drive to run, the interface is as follows:

We just click on "One key to complete (recommended)" can be,

The bottom of the status bar will show, "Speed is in progress, please wait ..." There are a total of 1919 built-in global DNS server IP addresses, the entire testing process is about 2 minutes to complete. It will automatically write you the 10 least-delayed address to your system and then prompt for "automatic setup."

Click OK to finish setting up. Then we can click on the "Response time" above, so that these DNS addresses can be automatically arranged according to the speed of response time, we can see the software automatically set up which DNS server IP address, the following figure.

On my computer, I automatically set 10 of the boxes above. Basically are the local DNS server addresses in Shanghai.

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