How do I use Eclipse to sign APK?

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I. Translation problems of Strings.xml

Click the right mouse button on your project name, pop the menu below and choose Android Tools-> Export signed application Package ...,

Then you'll see a hint like this:

and get the following error description:

The effect is that the export operation exits because of a fatal error in the Lint error Checking (detecting the Lint error), please fix these errors and run the export, or put "run Lint" in the setup's Android-> Checking error ful page L Error check when exporting app "Turn off the options."

and the error description inside says, Strings.xml inside App_name lacks AF (Afrikaans), AM (Amharic), AR, BG, BN-RBD, CA, cs, Da, de ... Languages such as translation, this may be the creation of projects automatically generated when the number of appcompat_v7 in the language of the strings.xml, we certainly do not want to translate every language, ah, is purely to eat more, unless we really want to translate every language.

On the other hand, we don't want to turn off all the Lint Error Checking, so we can do that, open the Eclipse menu of Windows-> perferences,

Switch to the Android-> Lint Error Checking subkey below, this is the default setting for Missing translation:

We can modify the Severity of this item from Fatal (fatal) to Ignore (ignore) or Warning (warning), as shown below:

Another: There is a problem with multilingual translation, such as: "Android translation multi-national language string considerations."

  Second, the issue of the comma of signature KeyStore

Click OK, and then restart the previous steps to start exporting, this time it is OK, here is the export interface, select the item you want to export:

The back is the choice KeyStore, you can choose the existing KeyStore or create a new keystore, I choose New, enter the password, and then enter the following settings interface:

Next, at the end of the build, we get this error:

Google, find this article: "Keytool error: AVA format", StackOverflow also has a similar discussion: Keytool error: AVA Format, the conclusion is the same, the original reason is because "," (comma) is considered a special character, which usually occurs when writing "City or locality" , According to our usual habits will be written "Beijing," and I was no exception to write "Guangxi,", so the error, find the reason, remove the comma and try again, OK.

In addition to Eclipse, there is a signature method that uses Keytool and Jarsigner to sign the app, and this signature is allowed to join the comma, Keytool error: AVA It is mentioned in format.

Here is a keytool on the special characters of the description and usage, excerpted from:,

Special characters also include a plus sign (+), a quotation mark ("), a slash (), greater than the less-than sign (< and >), and a semicolon (;) And so on, the solution is to use the escape character.

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