How do I view the preinstalled win8/win8.1 OEM System edition key?

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How do branded computers acquire Win8.1 OEM keys?

Now friends buy new brand computer, manufacturers will be pre-installed OEM version of the WIN8 system, that is, Win8 Simplified Chinese version. Thanks to Microsoft's new activation of OEM version Win8, the OA 3.0 activation technology, farewell to the original Windows key label history of Vista, Win7 era brand computers.

WIN8 OEM 3.0 activation means that each OEM machine must correspond to a unique key, so OEMs need to write a unique WINDOWS8 key to the BIOS board information for each new WIN8 computer, which requires networking activation when we first use it

Today, the Pepsi Web Gadget provides several ways to know how to find the win8/win8.1 key.

Prerequisite: How to know their computer pre-installed OEM version of the WIN8 system?

The operation is as follows:

1, use Win+r key combination to open the "Run" window, enter SLMGR.VBS-DLV

2, win8/win8.1 system will automatically generate a script information, recording the current system information (in the system description, if the display OEM_DM channel, can be judged as OEM version WIN8 system)

Method One: AIDA64 v4.0 with the help of universal hardware tools

The operation is as follows:

Open the AIDA64 tool, select Motherboard ACPI on the left menu, select "Figure" in the table description on the right, and the current WIN8 OEM full key is displayed at the bottom of the item (SLS Data).

Method Two: Product Key query tool products

The operation is as follows:

Download the extract gadget, run ProduKey.exe main program, you can query the current system Win8 OEM 25-bit full key

Method III, without Third-party tools, System native command line (support WINDOWS8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT Full Platform)

The operation is as follows:

1, use the combination of key win+q, or move the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen, open the Charm Super Menu search function

2, Input PowerShell, search PowerShell components

3. Right-click Windows PowerShell to run as Administrator

4, in the PowerShell window to enter the following command: (note: English characters)

5. Subsequently, Windows PowerShell automatically displays the current WIN8 OEM full key

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