How do IIS Write permissions set

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How do IIS Write permissions set

Often have just used the CMS site friends will mention that the background content can not be updated, such as the basic settings can not be saved, the database is not written. If these problems occur, you can refer to the following methods to resolve.

First check to see if the hard disk on your Web site is NTFS formatted. If it is most likely the Everyone permissions issue, that is, everyone does not have permission to manipulate folders, how to:

First: In the folder's menu bar midpoint "Tools"--> Folder Options--> view, cancel [use Simple File Sharing (recommended) √, and then determine.

Second: In the site of the folder on the right click, select "Properties"--> security, to everyone or users (depending on the system to choose) Full control of the right, that is, under the permission of all √, and then determine.

Third: Then restart IIS.

If you are Win7 system or the system disk is NTFS format also need to set the C:windowstemp folder everyone same permissions!

====================== the above settings are for the local computer and the following settings are for the 2003 server ======================

Most beginners use the local XP system to do the server, of course, sometimes we may also use the 2003 server. So the following is for 2003 server settings.

1, first of all to get the website or FTP to the server, if it is Wwwroot folder.

2. Right-click on the Wwwroot folder Select "Properties"--"security" If you do not have an Internet Guest account, click "Add"-"advanced"-"Find Now"-then select "IUSR_ username-xxxx" OK.

3. Select the Internet Guest account to assign the following permissions: Read and run, List folder directory, read. As shown in figure

If you do not have permission to browse the site, there will be a landing window, the following picture:

4, for some folders are also required to choose the "write" permission, such as uploading directories, database directory, these permissions require you to set each one. Method is the same as above, just choose one more "write". If the upload directory also supports the deletion of files online, then you need to click "Advanced" into Advanced security settings, add the corresponding deletion rights, or even full control.


1, if it is a pure static page website, please do not add write and delete function, then your space is hundred poison not invade.

2, if there is write access, no modification and deletion function, then your site is also very safe, even if there is an intrusion of all the written files can not be changed (leaving footprints) and your site itself is quite safe file. The only thing that can be written is a lot of junk files.

3, if there is a change of permissions, then with the deletion of the right is actually the same. Because a file can not be deleted, I emptied the contents of that and delete this file is the same effect. So assigning these permissions requires caution.

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