How do you open a 4G without escaping the iOS8.1.1? iOS8.1.1 don't break out of the way to open 4G

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First, allow itunes to load the IPCC files:

Mac user executes in terminal: Defaults write Carrier-testing-bool True if not, try defaults write Carrier-testing-bool YES

Windows executes the following command in run
Win user execution: "%programfiles%itunesitunes.exe"/setprefint carrier-testing 1
Win 64bit user execution: "C:Program Files (x86) ITunesiTunes.exe"/setprefint carrier-testing 1
Note: The above only allows itunes to brush the IPCC format files, after successful itunes can brush the IPCC files, you do not have to do this step.

Two, brush into the file method

Open itunes normally, hold down SHIFT (Mac user presses ' option ') to restore or update, file type Select Carrier profile, choose attached. IPCC files to achieve the IPCC brush

Note that after cracking, if prompted to update the carrier configuration, do not point to update.

Third, the order of the brush into the file

Please October 29 update fix 8.0.2 cannot use mobile 4g bug, please download again
Unicom Mobile Version:
1, please download the update file, Shift point update. Click to download the update file (mobile & Unicom 4G). IPCC
2, then restart the phone or restore network settings
3, then shift, point to restore the file. Click to download the recovery file (mobile & Unicom 4G). The IPCC.

This method has the following compatibility statistics:

A1526 ios8.1 Support Unicom 4G
A1533 ios8.1 Support Unicom 4G
A1528 ios8.1 Support Unicom 4G does not support mobile 4G
A1528 ios8.0.2 support Unicom 4G Mobile 4G


No matter what version of your current carrier, 18.1 or 18.0, this method is applicable to crack after the success and other jailbreak cracked the same way,
Operators in the show is no hot CarrierLab18.0, the status bar is also in English


The purpose of cracking is to cover the Carrierlab configuration to the Unicom or mobile carrier configuration directory.
Then only need to make the Carrierlab into the IPCC firmware, you can achieve the replacement effect. The accessories are the firmware I made.

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