How do you put the PS4 disc in? How to solve the problem that the PS4 can't put into the disc?

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Method 1, unplug the power, wait a moment after reboot

PS4 sometimes because of the sudden loss of power, there will be some small problems, we just have to restart or power off once it can be used properly oh.

Method 2, manually tighten the drive door screws

Some players said that the problem is the real problem is that the CD-ROM drive due to the inability to properly huff and puff disc caused by the host to carry out the operation

This is mainly to see if we drive the CD-ROM drive door screws loose and lead to this disc in and out OH.

As shown in the following figure, we just open the shell of the host hard drive bit and tighten the drive screws with a small Phillips screwdriver.

Method 3, manually update the latest firmware

Firmware problem This may be a system bug caused the optical drive does not listen to instructions, we just have to update the system to the latest version to see if we can solve your problem oh.

Law 4, contact after sale

This is no way, we do this if the warranty is not required to pay, which also proves that our PS4 may be broken oh, where if the above three ways to solve the better.

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