How do you use a hidden gadget with Win8 system?

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Win8 system with the hidden gadgets to use the method:

First, screen split screen

The split-screen software is known to enable us to quickly implement multiple desktop operations like Android, especially in the busy white Collar circle.

In Win8 pre-m3 7955, the author found that under the C:sysint folder hidden under a small file called "Desktops.exe", after a trial only found that this is actually Microsoft built a split-screen gadget.

Double-clicking the file will first eject a license agreement, the confirmation will open the shortcut settings box, where we can set the virtual desktop switch keys and whether the boot boot options.

From the interface, this small tool developers for, do not think this is what run the small company, its predecessor is the famous Winternals, only 2006 years later by Microsoft acquisition.

Obviously from this point of view, Win8 future integration screen of the chance is still very big.

The function of the software is very simple, almost no special design, we can use the shortcut keys at any time to switch to any desktop, and each desktop has a certain amount of personalized storage functions, such as personalized wallpaper, the exclusive task bar and so on.

However, desktop icons are still shared, and this is still a gap compared with other professional tools. In addition to the shortcut keys, we can also click on the system tray software icon to switch the desktop.

The difference is that this method pops up a preview pane, which is done by clicking the thumbnail with the mouse.

Second, PDF reader

Like the split-screen software, the PDF Reader is also located under the C:Program filesmcrosoftwindows.glcnd, a small file called "Glcnd.exe."

However, the double click of the interface may make you feel greatly disappointed, because in addition to the top of a "PDF" logo, there is not even an icon or button.

To bring up the full interface, you need to combine key ctrl+shift+f9 and then open a PDF file via Ctrl+o. At this point you will notice that the reader is beginning to make some small changes.

The first is the rightmost pop-up position indicator, which lists the entire document's page numbers here, as well as a slider to indicate where it is currently located.

The second is the fast return button in the upper left corner, its role is more simple, is to bring the user directly back to the position of the last time.

In addition, the built-in PDF reader also hides a few small commands.

For example, through the ctrl+1/2/0 in the "Actual Size/fit width/fit height" Three zoom between the display ratio, through the ctrl+r to achieve the document rotation display, through the ctrl+p a key to activate fast printing and so on.

The only thing that does not match the leak is that the author has not found the option of multiple-page side-by-side display.

Three, Metro browser

Many people know that Win8 uses the new Metro interface, but so far, really in front of everyone is only into the M3 version of the System Setup marquee.

In fact, in the interior of the Win8 pre-m3, there is also a browser using the Metro Interface preview version, in fact, this has been some netizens as a prelude to IE10!

The browser is also provided as a file, located in C:Program filesmicrosoftimmersive Browsermicrosoft.immersivebrowser, with a file name of Miexplore.exe.

Double-click the file you will find that the desktop does not have any prompts, in fact, it also needs to press the key combination ctrl+shift+f9.

Because it's still just a preview, the entire browser has very little functionality, and it doesn't even move the form position.

You can see the toolbar and the IE9 are very similar, the "forward", "Back", "refresh", "Address Bar", "Favorites" Five modules are retained, and the WP7 of the button style is a replica of the WIN8, which also validates the rumors that the Metro UI will be fully used before.

The change of address bar is more eye-catching, almost is the WP7 of the box UI transplanted over, but the function and the traditional address bar no difference.

However, the author believes that such an interface, although it is suitable for touch, but obviously does not have any help on mouse operation, and too big button actually limited the new IE function development (such as smart Address bar), which I am afraid also need Microsoft to weigh.

As for the other places the author has a simple test, but unfortunately the current function is too small, so that we can not intercept a decent picture.

You can see that the right button menu is still the same as the old version, in other words, this browser to really show, I am afraid we need to wait for a short time.

Four, WebCam

WebCam in English generally refers to webcam, but Win8 's WebCam can be seen as a camera software that can run in a browser. However, given the current status of the preview, we can still only experience in a file format.

Like several other modules, WebCam is also a file located under C:windowssystem32, double-click to run, but a simpler way is to enter "WebCam" directly in the Start menu Search bar.

As with several other modules, we still need a combination of key ctrl+shift+f9 after starting WebCam. Interface design seems to be different from the previous leak version, the overall view is still commendable.

On the right side of the interface, you can see that WEBCAM provides 3 features, "video", "Photo" and "timed photo". "Video" and "Timed photo" are 3 seconds to wait, after the stop can immediately perform the preview.

At the top of the interface, respectively, "Application Settings" (program setting) and "Webcam Settings" (camera setting), as the name implies is Webcam program settings (such as audio source, video resolution, frame rate, etc.) and the camera's property settings (such as brightness, Zoom, sharpen, flicker, etc.). Of course, due to the lack of some new features, the WebCam is clearly not like other features have a look.

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