How do you use stealth?

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How do you use stealth? if you want to protect your computer's privacy, then you can use the Stealth software. Stealth is an important document used to protect computers and mobile storage devices. Private information and a variety of programs of the next generation of computer information security products, can be stored in the computer hard disk/mobile hard disk/U disk information to provide easy confidential service, can be used as a U disk, but also as a computer information security key. So, how do you use stealth? Let's take a look at the Stealth man tutorial.

The first step, after the installation is completed, click the "Finish" button, you can see the desktop generated "stealth software version Login" icon. Double-click Run, select the "Register new Account" button on the right to make a new account registration activation.

The second step is to enter a valid email address in the Stealth man registration interface, and then click the "Register Now" button on the right. (Be sure to fill in a valid email address and activate it in your mailbox before you can use the Stealth Man.) If you inadvertently forget the password, you can retrieve the password through the mailbox, to prevent the forgotten password, resulting in the safe can not open and lost data. )

The third step, after the successful registration, will automatically send an activation message to your mailbox, please go to the mailbox to activate the operation.

Fourth step, click on the link in the email to successfully activate the Stealth man permanent free version. At this point, double-click on the desktop of the stealth icon, you can begin to use the Stealth man permanent free version.

The fifth step, according to the Safe Setup Wizard prompts, click the Create button, you can create a safe on the local disk. Double-click the safe, you can file copy, paste, cut and other operations, and normal files, folder operation exactly the same.

The sixth step, when you click on the upper right corner of the stop button, the safe will be encrypted hidden, when no one can look at your safe in the important data.

After you close the stealth man, the safe disk in My computer is encrypted and hidden. No one can look at the data in the safe.

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