How does a wireless router receive a wireless signal and then send it?

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I use mobile phone at home to surf the internet, often some corner signal is very strong, some corner but no signal, I can use wireless router to achieve not linear cable, only by receiving wireless signal to send out again? The answer is yes.

1, only by receiving wireless signal to send out the wireless router needs to have relay function, this can see the configuration of each router, to 360 safe route For example, its function has wisp universal relay, OK, buy it.

2, after the goods back, the setting is very complex, but connected to the router into the, found that there is a special menu, this operation is simple.

3, after the point open, we first let the router search the wireless signal, and then select the signal we want to connect, enter the password, save the effective will be.

4, then, we go back to the main page, set the "WIFI" settings can be. Then, modify the router's address, and note that the WiFi segment you are setting is not the same as the received network segment.

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