How does an img file open

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How does an img file open

Daemontools Virtual Optical Drive usage:

After you install the "daemontools" screen in the lower right corner should have a red lightning icon, right click, select the emulation→ selected Alloptionson, this time the icon into green (this step is optional, but did no harm), in "My Computer" Can be seen in the new optical drive, you load the image file will be seen in the CD-ROM drive, you want to install the game to the CD-ROM drive to find the installation of the game file, we recommend that you download Chinese version.

Daemontools Chinese version of virtual optical drive software to take into account a lot of virtual optical drive software, coupled with many for the English interface, many rookie friends are not easy to start, the following use the most familiar WinRAR compression decompression software to open the IMG file it. Using the new version of the WinRAR software not only to support the ISO image file directly decompression, but also support the IMG image file directly decompression open, interested friends may wish to try.

WinRAR compression decompression software introduced here, I believe that the img file on how to open a more profound understanding of the relevant software, we can direct Baidu search download, we recommend that you use Chinese version, in order to better install and use, Finally want to say is actually IMG file with a new version of WinRAR software can be opened, very convenient, it is worth a try.

The following is a description of how the WinImage file opens an img file:

WinImage is a powerful disk utility that allows users to create an image of a floppy disk, extract files from an image, create an empty image, restore a mirror image to a blank floppy disk, and so on. It also supports many standard and non-standard disk formats, including the DMF format of Microsoft. It is like Ghost is a set of files or folders can be made into image files of the program, then a complete copy of the tool to another hard disk, it is different from the ghost, it can directly split the image file into a disk, the other program to provide production and restore procedures, the use of quite convenient.

After downloading WinImage, perform green. bat, then open winimage.exe and select File > Open the img file you want to open.

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