How does Didi travel app print all travel invoices? Didi travel printing travel invoice tutorial

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Each consumption ratio corresponds to an invoice. Requesting an invoice for consumption is the right of every citizen and a respect for national taxation. This prevents individual enterprises from tax evasion. Didi taxi is now prevalent, making it easier for everyone to travel. Let's share today how to obtain Didi invoice ~

1. Open the mobile phone Didi app and click the "personal" icon in the upper left corner to go to the left drop-down menu.

2. Click "wallet" in the menu to go to the wallet page.

3. You can see the "invoice and reimbursement" option at the bottom. Click to enter.

4. After entering the invoice page, you can view the types of invoices you can request and the invoice history. There are fast car invoices, chauffeur invoices, etc. Xiao Bian often takes a shuttle bus and clicks "special express invoicing" to enter.

5. You can view your route record for the express train. Click "select all" in the lower left corner and click "next.

6. Fill in the invoice details and recipient address details. Because the invoice amount is less than 200 yuan, Didi will charge a Postage. Select the payment method and click "submit" to complete the operation, wait for the invoice to be delivered to your home.

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