How does EFI hard disk install Windows8?

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EFI is the initials of Extensible Firmware Interface, meaning: Extensible Firmware interface.


Note: Please prepare the hard drive in GPT format beforehand, because EFI can only start from GPT hard drive (the conversion needs to delete all partitions, so before conversion, please back up the good data to prevent loss)


1, first prepare an approximately 4G hard disk partition, format when choosing FAT32 file system, do not choose NTFS, because the EFI shell does not support NTFS.

2, then copy the EFI Shell files (if there are no EFI shell files, can download attachments) and the files in the Windows 8 installation disc image into the root directory of the newly divided zone (as shown in the figure)

3, reboot the computer, enter the BIOS setup menu, select "Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device"

4, entered the EFI shell after the input "FS0:" Enter, and then input "dir" carriage return, if you see the file and folder is just the partition that is right (also may be fs1:,fs2: Wait, one to try it)

5, enter "CD EFI" in turn, "CD Boot", "Bootx64.efi"

6. If you see the Windows 8 splash screen, it works, and then it starts to install like a CD-ROM.

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